2019 State of Application Development Report shows APAC App Dev Industry Ready for Massive Disruption

Dell’s recent Digital Transformation Index showed that only 18% of Malaysian enterprises are categorised as “digital adopters”, often held back by budget and lack of support from management.

Additionally, enterprises across Malaysia, as in the case of many Asia Pacific countries, continue to face challenges, ranging from massive app backlogs to IT talent shortage, which derail their digital transformation - as reflected in the 2019 State of Application Development Study by OutSystems, the #1 platform for low-code application development.

The sixth annual state of application development research report reveals the priorities and challenges of application development and delivery, with some key APAC findings from OutSystems latest report including:
  • 63% of IT professionals in APAC said they have an app dev backlog, with 16% of these respondents having a backlog of more than 10 applications
  • 69% of respondents in APAC planned to deliver 10 or more applications in 2019, with 52% of APAC respondents targeting to deliver 50 or more applications in the year ahead.
  • 46% of APAC respondents found that developing a web or mobile application is time-consuming, taking five months or more.