Announcements at the 2019 Red Hat Summit

Date : 9-May-2019
Location : Boston, United States

Red Hat, the world’s leading open source solutions provider recently made a few milestone announcements at its annual IT industry event, 2019 Red Hat Summit in Boston, United States.

Showcasing the latest and greatest in cloud computing, platform, virtualization, middleware, storage, and systems management technologies, key announcements made at this Summit include:
  • The launch of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL8)
  • Announcement of the over 1,000 global enterprise adopters of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Announcement of Red Hat backing the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • Introduction of Red Hat OpenShift 4
  • Findings from ‘The economic impact of Red Hat Enterprise Linux’ – a study by IDC

Red Hat Opens the Linux Experience to Every Enterprise, Every Cloud and Every Workload with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, the operating system designed to span the breadth of deployments across enterprise IT. For any workload running on any environment, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 delivers one enterprise Linux experience to meet the unique technology needs of evolving enterprises. From deploying new Linux workloads into production to launching digital transformation strategies, the next-generation enterprise is built on top of the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 has several built-in intelligence and features including the following:
  • Red Hat Insights – Used to proactively identify and remediate IT issues, from security vulnerabilities to stability problems.
  • Red Hat Smart Management – A layered add-on for Red Hat Enterprise Linux that helps IT teams gain the benefits of hybrid cloud computing while minimizing its inherent management complexities.
  • Application Streams – Melds faster developer innovation with production stability in a single, enterprise-class operating system by including fast-moving languages, frameworks and developer tools are updated frequently in this stream without impacting the core resources.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux web console – Provides an intuitive, consistent graphical interface for managing and monitoring Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Roles – Automate many of the more complex tasks around managing and configuring Linux in production
The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 also supports the OpenSSL 1.1.1 and TLS 1.3 cryptographic standards, and delivers full support for the Red Hat container toolkit.