Dell EMC Jun 2019 Updates - the VEP, Digital Labs etc

13-Jun-2019: Dell EMC Introduces Generic Network Device, the VEP

Dell EMC has significantly expanded the capabilities of its Virtual Edge Platform (VEP), a multi-function network device, by certifying and making available ADVA Ensemble software – delivering a choice of more than 50 virtual network functions (VNFs). This collaboration with ADVA will enable the software of a choice for Virtual Edge Platform (VEP) to support a wide variety of VNF’s including virtual firewall, WAN Optimisation, IoT, virtual test, voice, wireless and many others.

Dell EMC VEP 4600

The Dell EMC VEP provides an open Intel® architecture-based platform to support multiple simultaneous VNFs with numerous proprietary physical devices that can be consolidated into this single universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) while maintaining the high performance levels needed to host many. This agreement gives customers access to Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem, a unique multi-vendor environment with unparalleled variety and choice that enables customers to avoid vendor lock-in and unleash new service innovation in an instant.

What this means is that using the VEP, customers get to choose software modules from more than 50 different vendors; the device also serves as an integration point for numerous devices from different vendors.

All these are made possible via the software defined networking (SDN) technology or the network functions virtualisation (NFV), refers to the process of separating network functions from hardware to create a virtualized network that can run on generic hardware, and the adoption of ADVA Ensemble software.

In summary, the VEP functions like a PC which allows users to install software of their choice such as firewall or load balancing; compare to dedicated function network devices such as the network switch.

13-Jun-201: Dell Digital Labs in Malaysia located at the Dell Global Business Centre in Cyberjaya

Dell Technologies today launched the Dell Digital Labs in Malaysia located at the Dell Global Business Centre in Cyberjaya, one of the few laboratories that Dell has invested in globally over the last few years. Officiated by YB Tuan Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Communications and Multimedia, the new facility is testament to Dell’s commitment to supporting the vision of a Digital Malaysia – building digital enterprises while nurturing a highly skilled workforce of the future. Also present at the official opening were Pang Yee Beng, Senior Vice President, South Asia and Managing Director, Malaysia, Dell Technologies; and Garry Wiseman and Jennifer Felch - Senior Vice Presidents from Dell Digital, Office of CIO.

YB Tuan Gobind Singh Deo officially launches the Dell Digital Labs Malaysia

Dell Digital Labs Malaysia launch group photo
Dell Digital Labs enables Dell Technologies to build cloud-native software for its businesses with new development culture, centered on embedding customer feedback directly into the development process. With significant amount invested into this digital laboratory, the technologies and software incubated in the lab will help to further enhance software engineering capabilities for Dell overall, allowing local Malaysian employees to learn and grow with the latest technologies. New home-grown software technologist and data scientists will be nurtured overtime and existing software engineers will be upskilled or re-purposed to this new highly skilled work, providing Malaysia with a more highly skilled workforce.