Jik.Soo Translates to the Constant Flow of Pure Magic Water

Date : 10-Jul-2019
Location: One Utama Shopping Centre, KL

A product offering of SK Magic Malaysia, the Jik.Soo Rich, is an all-in-one Korean water purifier that also produces ice cubes at the touch of a button.

Jik.Soo Rich Water Purifier Targets the Mass Market Consumption

The machine is without a water storage tank, it leverages the nanotechnology filtration system to completely filter out viruses, miroorganism and heavy metal whilst maintaining a healthy level of minerals for the output.

It also has built-in auto sterilization function (for the water tap and ice storage) with manual overwrite capability.

All water passages are made of 304 stainless steel pipes and it commands a low daily power consumption of 530Wh.

The water output can be in the form of various temperatures (cold, hot and ambient) or ice cubes - instantly.

The product is designed to be user friendly and targets the mass market.

According to Mr. Namsu Park, Managing Director of SK Magic Malaysia, the company targets 500k customers within the next 5 years since started business on Dec 2018.

Roadshows are ongoing at the following locations and dates:
  • One Utama Shopping Centre, KL, from 10-Jul to 14-Jul 2019
  • Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru, from 19-Jul to 21-Jul 2019
  • Queensbay Mall, Penang, from 8-Aug to 12-Aug 2019.
The company also opened a concept store at the One Utama Shopping Centre, KL

During the roadshow kickstart event at One Utama Shopping Centre, Amber Chia, model,actress, entrepreneur and a mother commented that Jik.Soo Rich presents a vital offering for a family's health upkeeping; as a model, maintaining the highest health status empowers the beauty of the body.

(L-R:) Amber Chia, Model & Entrepreneur; Mr. Kwon Joo Ryoo, CEO, SK Magic Korea; Mr. Namsu Park, Managing Director, SK Magic Malaysia at the kick start roadshow in One Utama Shopping Centre

In Korean language, the following words are referring to:

Jik --> constant flow
Soo --> pure and fresh