Cognizant's Report Predicts the Rise of Nonhuman AI Intermediaries

Date : 5-Aug-2019

Cognizant has released a Customer of the Future Report, exploring the rise of nonhuman intermediaries in empowering today’s consumers with new levels of intelligence.

With the rise of nonhuman intermediaries and artificial intelligence-powered systems playing an increasingly important role in purchase decisions, this new human-algorithm alliance has turned the business-to-consumer dynamic on its head. In markets of the future, trying to influence humans alone will no longer be sufficient. Brands will also need to influence the algorithms.

Cognizant’s Centre for the Future of Work advises brands to connect more intelligently and humanly with consumers. Every industry and business will need to become ‘B2HM’ – business to human and machine – and top brands will be the ones who successfully earn a trusted reputation with both consumers and their AI assistants.

Key SEA trends:
  • Consumers are shifting their trust from brands to intelligent machines
  • Voice interfaces are emerging as SEA’s new gatekeeper of purchase decisions
  • Singaporeans are relatively less demanding of hyper-personalised experiences, and Malaysians appreciate brand offerings that help them save time and money
  • Companies are paying a huge penalty for falling short in payment experiences, and more so in SEA

Manish Bahl, Cognizant

“Traditional companies will need to go the extra mile in overhauling their digital infrastructure, go-to-consumer strategies, and customer experience goals,” says Manish Bahl, Associate Vice President, Centre for the Future of Work, APAC, Cognizant. “These companies will have to adopt a three-pronged ‘Reimagine, Rebuild and Rethink” approach. By focusing on the human-machine dynamic of this new era, brands will be able to understand and anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s customers, to swiftly deliver value that they hadn’t yet realised they needed.”

The complete Customer of the Future report.