Epson EF-100 Series Projector : World's Smallest Home Theatre 3LCD Laser Projector

Date : 27-Aug-2019
Location: Kuala Lumpur

Epson launched world's smallest home theatre 3LCD laser projector Epson EF-100 series that comes in two colours : white and black.

3LDC is referring to the colour image generation technology developed by Epson.

Key features:
  • 150 inches screen size projection at only RM 3,999 - compare this money to the cost of acquiring 150 inches screen size display with the promise of delivering exceptional rich and vivid images.
  • Effective even with ambient light - doesn't require low light environment.
  • Laser light source - 3 times greater colour
  • 2,000 lumen brightness and a high contrast ratio of over 2,500,000 : 1
  • Ability to project at any angle with 360-degree flexibility - for example, projecting on the ceiling from the bed.
  • The projectors need minimal maintenance - the laser light source need not maintenance until the lifespan is expired.
  • User-friendly interface and are designed for beginners

Projecting image vertical to the ceiling

A laser projector projects image directly without lens compare to conventional type; therefore, a laser projector doesn't require maintenance of the lenses - typically, a laser light source (laser diode) offers 20,000 hours of maintenance free lifespan.

Detailed specification

The projection technology is based on RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system.

The projector offers three (3) types of connections :
  1. HDMI cable connection - for streaming devices as Google Chromecast, media player, DVD player, laptop, tablet etc
  2. USB cable connection - for downloaded content on USB storage such as pen drive, hard disk etc
  3. Bluetooth wireless connection - for external speaker connection only
Take note that a typical streaming device such as the Google Chromecast requires both the HDMI and USB cable for functioning.

Introducing the world’s smallest 3LCD laser projectors in tailored black (EF-100B) and classy white (EF-100W) that’s flexible for home usage that’s lightweight and stylish