Email Interview With Getronics

1.) What is the function of the Getronics' offices in Malaysia and Singapore?

Our offices in Malaysia and Singapore represent our global presence for all functions including sales and account relationships. We also have our delivery teams here, with Malaysia being one of our global service centers enabling us to provide services in various languages especially for global clients. We have had offices in Malaysia and Singapore for many years now and we are focused on delivering global services, based on the needs of our customers. Malaysia, in particular, plays a very special role in our business because it is one of our Global Service Delivery centers and enables us to provide our customers with services in various ASEAN languages.

2.) What kind of projects or customers are Getronics' Malaysia and Singapore hoping to acquire within the next 3 years?

The key services we deliver in this region are workspace, infrastructure support, and cloud. We look to build partnerships with companies that have geographical challenges. Companies, for example, with a workforce in diverse geographies that require support in terms of understanding the local references and requirements. Getronics has been in this region for a long time now and we understand the needs. Our services are relevant to all verticals and we have customers in oil & gas, manufacturing, and financial services, among other industries. Getronics has continued its investment into field services, which enables us to deliver services in the entire Asia Pacific region. Our coverage of the region and ability to reach end-users both remotely and on-site provides us with a very unique competitive advantage and capability.

Having said that, we are very focused on a couple of areas. One of them is our Internet-of-things integration capability that provides solutions for smart buildings. We have started working with partners and clients in the region to put together smart building and smart space solutions.

We are further lengthening our value stick in offering services for IT Service Desks, Infrastructure and Cloud Management and Security Services. We continue to enhance our platform by integrating artificial intelligence and robotics into our services, which in turn enhances productivity and quality.

3.) It is unique that Getronics has set up a global service aka support center in North America instead of in Asian countries. Please comment further.

We do not see it as unique because our strategy with our Global Service and Support centers is to have centers in each region. In the Asia Pacific, we have service centers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Manila, the Philippines delivering global services. Today, clients are looking for a flexible solution that can provide both off-shore and near-shore solution that fits their business and regulatory requirements. What we strive to achieve is the right level of balance that matches the requirements of our customers.

4.) Is Getronics looking to house global staff who are multilingual at their global service center?

Yes, as we are delivering multi-lingual support around the world. We have a diverse, multi-lingual workforce in our centers today. This will continue to expand as our clients are operating and expand their business globally, and we support them with the best in class localized support.

5.) Please list one example of a customer in Malaysia with information about the deployed project(s) and services.

One of our clients in Malaysia is the largest publicly listed conglomerate in the country. We are delivering services into various Malaysian conglomerates at the moment in multiple sectors including Oil & Gas, Retail, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

Business Challenges faced by Client:

The company has more than 20,000 employees in various industries across 18 countries. Supporting their users was a significant and growing challenge. Specifically, the company needed to:
  • Scale the service desk to meet future needs such as language and coverage.
  • Provide the standardized quality of service support to diverse users, devices and applications across the geography.
  • Ensure processes are based on best practices, innovation and customer service while taking into account cultural diversity in the account.
The solution:

Getronics took responsibility for Service Desk operations by implementing a new, cost-efficient, customer-focused service desk. This freed up company IT resources for other priority assignments. Key features included:
  • Seamless implementation and transition, including a full-time project manager to oversee the project
  • Service Level Agreement. The new service desk responds to 9,000 tickets per month, conforming to the 95% SLA
  • Single Point of Contact – reachable via multiple channels and ensuring a higher level of responsiveness and accountability
  • Multi-lingual support, reflecting the company’s diverse geography and user population
  • Disaster Recovery, to ensure users have continuous access to their applications and e-mail, even from remote areas
The Benefits to the custome:

Getronics applied its standard methodologies for service quality, productivity improvement and cost reduction to achieve immediate service desk transformation and performance optimization. The client was highly satisfied both with the bottom-line results and the establishment of a platform for continuous improvement.