Paessler AG Extends Service Coverage For Scenarios With Over 50k Sensors

Date : 18-Sep-2019
Location: Malaysia

Key Takeaways:
  • Paessler AG launches PRTG PLUS to extend better service coverage to the largest use case scenarios - i.e to monitor over 50,000 sensors for a site single deployment.
  • Steven Feurer, CTO at Paessler, said, customers have been asking for a solution that builds on the strong foundations of PRTG but makes larger scale deployments simpler - the ultimate package.
  • PRTG PLUS, a new channel-focused subscription licence. This new offering will be available to certified PRTG PLUS Partners for end users who need to monitor 5,000 devices or more. PRTG PLUS will run alongside the existing PRTG offerings.

    Paessler is accepting partner applications from resellers and system integrators with experience in large scale monitoring installations to join its 4000+ strong global partner community.

    Key benefits for solution-focused partners selling PRTG PLUS include:
    • the ability to architect much larger deployments of PRTG with greater architectural design flexibility
    • closer partnership with Paessler and premium support
    • flat rate pricing per sensor, per year, with annual billing available
  • The largest single perpetual licence previously available, PRTG XL5, scales to 50,000 sensors across five PRTG core servers. Which means if users looking to monitor upwards of 5,000 devices, would have needed multiple licences. PRTG PLUS removes the need for multiple licences, providing a single OpEx based license, which can be deployed across as many servers as required with as many sensors as required.
Editor's comments:
  • One example of over 50,000 sensors scenario is where an organization requires to monitor the IP addresses of the client-server connections of an enterprise's service - for example, monitoring of mobile phone data connections between consumers and a telco company.
  • The 50,000-sensor scenario is considered a big data and is not common - for example, the largest company in Malaysia is Maybank with the published claim of 45,000 employees globally; therefore, assuming that each employee has a laptop which regularly connects to the enterprise network, the need to monitor these laptops' IP addresses might arise for various reasons such as performance monitoring of network's bandwidth utilisation etc.
  • In retrospect, Huawei has a published claim of employing over 188,000 employees globally; therefore, the requirement of monitoring over 50,000 sensors exist.
  • Typically, customers utilise PRTG sensors to monitor mission critical assets which require high uptime such as a computer server or a network gateway device or a high security door access controller. 
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