deTECH Conference 2019 Key Takeaways

Think Big, Start Small and Scale Fast:

Mr. Gopi Ganesalingam from MDeC kicked off the conference with a keynote on MDeC's newest strategy to transform the digital landscape of Malaysia, as well as the plans to establish a vibrant ecosystem for Malaysian entrepreneurs.

The key initiative is the the Gain Programme which aims to help Malaysian companies to go global and to achieve RM 1 billion revenue.

The reality of having a RM 1 billion revenue company is important to benefit the country fastest and soonest; for example the ability to create many jobs.

Mr. Gopi closed his keynote by advising startups to think big, start small and scale fast.

Explaining Data Science to Your Grandparents:

Ms. Tan Wern Yi, data scientist from Digi shared to the audience how is data science helping companies to gain business insights based on raw data and to understand customer's sentiment.

As the matter of fact, Digi parks the data science under the marketing department instead of the IT department.

Given that the data science genre is still quite new to Malaysia, explain to the grandparents that a typical data scientist's job is about understanding the customer and their behavior.

Panel Discussion

The Signboard Is Looking Back At You Too:

Mr. Ngoo Seong Boon from Intel shared a few insights on smart retail - the main trendsetter is that retailers are installing sensors to collect visual data everywhere.

Therefore, when one stops and gazes at an attractive signboard, high chances are that it is also looking back at you.

Garbage In, Garbage Out:

Mr. Tok Gee Thek from Supahands explained that his company prepares clean dataset for data science team of enterprise companies and A.I companies.

According to him, most data scientists dislike preparing the data because it is the most tedious work in a data science process.

Essentially, if one feeds a data science process with garbage data (IN), you will get garbage (OUT).

Supahands performs the data cleansing by outsourcing the tasks to real human via the SupaAgents programme.

Other Key Takeways:
  • On smart city, Penang will be rolling out smart parking soon.
  • On cybersecurity, transparency is the most important thing to a cybersecurity company to establish trust with users.
  • On immersive technologies, Microsoft HoloLens 2 allows one to 'touch' a virtual object such as a virtual keyboard.
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