HLB Empowers Agile Software Dev Via Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (Best Pratice)

With the rapidly-changing financial landscape, coupled with fast-paced technological changes, staying attuned to customers’ expectations and aspirations are key to HLB’s ongoing efforts to develop capabilities, banking products and services that are centred on clients’ needs.

To this end, HLB deployed Red Hat solutions to enhance its application development capabilities while increasing security capabilities and maintaining its existing IT investments and control of its assets. With Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and its ability to enable an automated container management process that supports provisioning, deployment, and scaling of containers across multiple hosts/nodes, as well as automatic health checks to enable high availability in expected workloads, the bank can take an innovative approach in developing new services and releasing them to the market at a faster rate.

Red Hat OpenShift also offers an open source architecture that enables applications to run across physical, virtual, public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure. This has enabled the bank to adopt an agile and human-centric design methodology that helped them to considerably enhance customer experience through continual improvements and adjustments to the UI/UX. The open source architecture also enabled it to integrate its offerings with WeChat Pay, enabling WeChat users to more easily make payments when visiting Malaysia. Collectively, based on its estimates, the new capabilities helped HLB reduce in-house app development and go-to-market time by 40 to 60%, depending on complexity, and lower the cost to market by 40 to 60%.

Best Practice:
  1. Empower continuous software development project with agile methodology via Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
  2. Expedite software project by leveraging on container technology to reuse software components - go cloud native with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
  3. Adopt open source architecture which supports open standards to enable integrations at greater speed.


Date: 04-Oct-2019
Location: Kuala Lumpur

Alliance Bank and Hong Leong Bank Crowned Winners of the Red Hat APAC Innovation Awards 2019 in Malaysia.