The Need for a Frictionless Enterprise in a Digital-Native World

Date : 23-Oct-2019
Location: Global

Key Takeaways:
  • The word “frictionless” has emerged as a term used to describe when an action is achieved with or involving little difficulty; it is about effortlessness. This term is most commonly associated with customer experience and payments.
  • Consumers are already familiar with this term without realizing it - travel, finance, retail industry - In today’s digital society, consumers are more likely to be actively engaged with their favorite brands (via social media and specially designed apps), whilst also keeping a level of autonomy.
  • 48 percent of US consumers believe companies need to do a better job of integrating their online and off-line experiences.
  • These are empowered by technologies to produce, store or analyses vast quantities of data – to provide seamless experiences in the 21st century.
  • Even governments and the public sector are embracing frictionless experiences – online tax returns, “no paper” programs and online procedures are now commonplace and encouraged across the board.
  • The “data-driven” generations, Millennials and Generation Z, are happy to embrace the idea of a fully connected society and are expecting a seamless experience from the start.
  • The European Union Schengen Agreement, which was signed in 1985, sought to abolish borders between European nations. The purpose: make the movement of people and goods as frictionless as possible.
  • What’s become accepted and expected in the consumer world is making its way to the enterprise – both internally and externally. No matter if it’s a customer or supplier, engagement with a customer must be seamless – the level of frictionless is linked to reputation in a digital world.
  • Digital-native generations are pushing new ways of consuming data within an organization. One of the major trends driven by this generation is the “pay-as-you-go” model enabled by the explosion of cloud applications. According to IDC , the millennial-led companies have adopted cloud applications such as travel, invoice, expense management and human capital management — as well as desktop as a service — at a more than 20% higher rate than the average midmarket firm.
  • Data is at the heart of an organization’s frictionless strategy - the more frictionless an interaction between customer and vendor becomes, there are legitimate questions about data privacy and protection.

  • Ciaran Dynes, Senior Vice President of Products, Talend,, said, platforms and services that allow you to seamlessly and instantly move large amounts of data to their final destination must be taken advantage of in a society where frictionless is the new norm.
Editor's comments:
  • Enterprise companies need to learn from the best practice of the frictionless experiences of the consumer IT industry to enhance the customer experience of the enterprise IT industry.
Best Practice:
  • The recommendations include further enhancing customer's omni-channel, embracing big data and to adopt SaaS (Software-as-a-service) product offerings.
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