Paessler Launches Middleware SaaS Platform for IoT

Date : 26-Nov-2019
Location: Singapore

Key Takeaways:
  • The BitDecoder can send data directly to a chosen endpoint
  • Users simply choose from Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, PRTG Network Monitor, Paessler’s monitoring solution capable of providing an overview of IT and IoT infrastructures and services, or they create their own HTTP or MQTT integration for an endpoint. Decoded data is processed and passed on but never stored, giving users complete end-to-end control.
  • Sigfox sensor vendors often offer a dedicated cloud platform for their specific devices. These cloud platforms usually provide a dashboard for evaluation purposes only, but B2B customer demands are much more complex. They may be implementing solutions at multiple customer sites, with multiple parties involved from project inception to operation.
  • To address these demands effectively, an adapter is needed to cover various use cases connected to one or even more customer applications. This makes the middleware a key success factor in B2B IoT environments. Paessler’s BitDecoder offers a versatile solution that is aimed to connect any Sigfox device to any platform – a true middleware solution.
  • Helmut Binder, Paessler AG CEO, said, the launch of BitDecoder marks an important milestone for Paessler to venture into the IoT field.
  • Aurelius Wosylus, CSO at Sigfox Germanym, said, BitDecoder helps application engineers to read, analyse and translate this IoT machine code into any format needed and transfer it to any target cloud - the Sigfox protocol has its own data structure and as each Sigfox 0G device manufacturer can define their own payload.
  • BitDecorder SaaS middleware platform that decodes payloads from Sigfox 0G-connected devices.
  • BitDecoder takes encoded payload data from Sigfox 0G-connected IoT devices and transforms it into a visual and more easily readable format, namely a decoded JSON format. It is designed to help organisations structure, market and decode complex payloads more simply and efficiently.
  • Benefits of BitDecoder:
    • Highly visual format – transforms encoded hexadecimal payload into decoded JSON format
    • Saves time using pre-defined device templates – the BitDecoder comes with many templates for multiple devices saving development time and effort
    • No programming skills are required – simple selection of the device type from a template list
    • Hosted infrastructure – no need for a dedicated machine and its associated maintenance costs
    • Easy to maintain and customisable – cloning and editing templates can be created to meet specific project needs
Editor's comments:
  • The launch of BitDecoder middleware allows users to visualize the data from Sigfox 0G IoT devices using monitoring solutions such as PRTG Network Monitor or users may also develop customized solutions as end-points by connecting to the middleware.
  • The Sigfox 0G is also a cloud middleware which serves as an integration point between different IoT devices; having said that, the BitDecorder is considered as application that sits on top of the Sigfox 0G platform
  • In other words, the value proposition of the BitDecoder middleware is to serve as another layer of application which will reduce the complexity of processing IoT data from the Sigfox 0G platform, by doing so, it encourages more IoT-based applications to be built on top.