Red Hat Offers Digital Transformation Best Practices Via Open Source Innovation Labs

Date : 11-Dec-2019
Location: Kuala Lumpur

Key Takeaways:

Launched in 2017 in APAC, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs is designed to provide a collaborative, residency-styled, immersive environment that promotes rapid innovation and development across Asia Pacific. The Open Innovation Labs engagement begins with a short on-site discovery session to set goals and expectations. Then, using Red Hat's push button infrastructure and automated development environments, teams quickly start development, resulting in quick time to value and measurable outcomes.

  • Sandra Arps, the Head of Delivery, Open Innovation Labs at Red Hat highlighted that the lab is meant to serve as a rapid development centre for digital transformation.
  • Benjamin Henshall, General Manager, Red Hat South East Asia, said, where we create can be just as important as what we create.
  • Eric Quah, Country Manager, Red Hat Malaysia,customer teams work directly with Red Hat consultants and engineers throughout their 6-8 weeks residency.
(L-R:) Benjamin Henshall, Sandra Arps, Eric Quah


Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, core tenets: collaboration,sharing, adaptability, and renewal.

Best Practices:
  • Through the Open Innovation Labs, Red Hat is helping teams explore different ways of approaching a problem using agile, lean and design thinking in a span of 6-8 weeks.
  • During the residency, the team gain first-hand experience on how to apply agile development methodologies and make use of innovative open source technologies to rapidly build prototypes, do DevOps, and adopt agile development.
Editor's comments:
  • I personally agree to the concept of Open Innovation Labs, think of it as a closed hackathon session for enterprise companies where in-house engineering and product teams gather at one place with a given short time frame and is challenged to solve specific problems - it is a form of team building with the promise of both tangible and intangible benefits.
  • Furthermore, the lab offers best practices and consultancy from Red Hat's consultants and engineers as well as with the focus on adoption of open source technologies.