Every SEO experts must have these Top tools

If you like to call yourself an SEO expert, then you must be aware of the fact that this...job can’t be done just by using your knowledge. Yes, you got that right, today we’re talking about the tools you need in order to attract traffic, good backlinks and dominate the search results!

Nobody says that these are mandatory, as you can obtain some pretty good results even without them. But hey, nobody reached the ‘SEO expert’ status by delivering pretty good results!

Let’s take a few moments and see which are the top must-have tools for SEO experts, both paid or free, coming in handy in any optimizing campaign and helping you reach your targets.

Oh, and one more thing: Some of the tools in this list will be similar, so it’s up to you to pick your favorite. We’re just suggesting the best titles we’ve come across and were very helpful. Ok, enough with the chit-chat, let’s see what we have for you guys…


There’s no doubt that Ahrefs is one of the most recommended tools, by both SEO professionals and beginners. And it’s also one of our biggest favorites! After all, it’s a huge online crawler and, if you manage to spend a few minutes with it, you won’t be able to get enough of it, considering the amount of information it provides.

What we like the most about Ahrefs is the website SEO analysis tool, which actually highlights which parts of your website require improvements, in order to increase rankings. And this is not everything, since the competitor analysis part is also insanely useful, especially when you’re trying to outrank a website in your niche.

In the past, yours truly used this last feature to examine competitors’ backlinks and use them as a starting point for a few brands. Besides this, there are quite a few more useful features it has, like viral content research or Domain Comparison research, which, once used, will become incredibly useful for any other optimization campaign you will come across.


If you’re into obtaining results mostly through content marketing, then Buzzsumo can become your best friend! Definitely one of the must-have tools for SEO experts, it allows you to analyze, to the tiniest detail, which articles performed the best for specific keywords, in terms of rankings and social interactions. But this is not everything…

This highly advanced platform can also be used to analyze how your competitors’ content performed, but also to get new content suggestions. Basically, you can see what are the chances for your next article to perform in SERPs and what other articles it needs to outrank. Pretty smart, huh?

Buzzsumo has a very intuitive user interface, so even a beginner will have no problem getting used to it. This being said, what are you waiting for? Give it at least a chance, as a demo version can be tried, free of charge!


A tool like SEMRush is a mandatory presence on lists like the one we’re making here since it’s a fan favorite in the SEO community. It creates you the conditions to easily assess your rankings but also gives details about new ranking opportunities. And hey, everybody is after a good link, right?

By far, the most popular feature of SEMRush is the Domain vs Domain analysis, which compares your website to your competitors. We also like the analytics reports, great for better understanding a website’s search data, traffic and how its keywords perform.

Finally, we also have the On-Page SEO Checker tool included in SEMRush. This smart little trick allows you to monitor the performance of a specific webpage, in terms of on-page optimization, and, if needed, provides recommendations on how to improve it. This is something a lot of webmasters usually ignore, despite the fact that a poorly optimized page can seriously affect your rankings.


Don’t tell me that you believed that the almighty Moz would be forgotten…

A lot of people say that this is actually the number one must-have tool for any SEO expert, being always up to date, despite Google’s algorithm changes. The idea is simple, however: whether you’re looking for keyword recommendations, backlink analysis or a site to crawl, Moz is definitely the place to go, being a full-service powerhouse.

A lot of bonus points are received by these guys due to the fact that they have developed the free MozBar toolbar, which can show you a website’s metrics while browsing any page. Oh, and let’s not forget about the page optimization features, which tells you the exact steps you need to follow to improve the SEO of every single page on your website.

If you decide to start using Moz, make sure you also take a few minutes to check out their online community as well. There you will find tons of experts, always ready to help you with some advice, if you have questions on how the tool actually works or anything else related to optimizing websites.

Similar Web

The last entry on our list with the must-have tools for SEO experts is Similar Web, which happens to be another personal favorite.

Even in the free version, this tool turned out to be the go-to source for traffic information related to competitors and not only. Even more, thanks to the information provided by Similar Web, it’s easy to determine if a website is worth checking out, from an SEO point of view.

Whether you’re looking for the total amount of traffic a site gets, as well as the sources, or specific details, like which country generates the most visitors, there’s nothing better right now than Similar Web. And the list doesn’t end here, but we’ll let you discover what other amazing features this tool has on your own!

Oh, and the best thing about it: You can rely on it even without paying since the free version should be enough for a lot of online marketers.


And this pretty much wraps it up, folks! A short, but comprehensive list with our favorite and, we believe, the top must-have tools for SEO experts. It’s not mandatory to get them all in your mission of becoming an expert yourself, but we recommend at least trying all of them, in order to see which one suits your need best. Also alongside these SEO tools you need digital marketing experts consultancy for long run SEO goals and guidelines. You can try GoGetSpace Digital marketing Malaysia service as they offer free consultancy till today.