HID® SignoTM Readers Usher The Door Access Control Industry Into the Cloud

Date : 04-Mar-2020
Location: Kuala Lumpur

Key Takeaways:
  • HID Global, launches HID® SignoTM, its signature line of readers that creates a new industry benchmark for the most adaptable, interoperable and secure approach to access control.
  • Harm Radstaak, Vice President and Managing Director of Physical Access Control Solutions, HID Global, said, the industry now seeking to use access control systems as a backbone for creating intelligent environments, consultants, integrators and end users are increasingly demanding more versatile, high performance solutions.

  • HID Signo is built on an open platform.
  • For ultimate versatility, the readers are interoperable with over a dozen physical and mobile credential technologies so organizations can use their technology of choice and easily migrate to the latest solutions at their own pace. Additionally, with support for Apple's Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) to enable Student IDs in Apple Wallet, HID Signo is driving the next wave of flexibility and convenience with mobile access.
  • HID’s new readers are packed with smart features, such as automatic surface detection that recalibrates and optimizes read performance based on the mounting location. For rugged, outdoor performance, the readers are also IP65 rated with no additional gasket needed, and feature a capacitive touch keypad resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • HID Signo’s connectivity-by-design model empowers administrators to remotely configure and diagnose readers as well as monitor status through a centrally managed and connected reader ecosystem. Additionally, configuration can be further streamlined through the controller via the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).
  • Delivering multi-layered security with built-in support for OSDP Secure Channel and HID’s proven Security Identity Object technology, the readers store cryptographic keys on certified EAL6+ secure element hardware and custom authentication keys can be used to further enhance security. HID’s patented velocity-checking feature also protects against brute force rapid electronic attacks.
  • The new line of HID Signo Readers is available through Advantage Partners in major markets worldwide, with a phased roll out in select regions.

  • One good point of the adoption of the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is to encourage all players in the field to level up their access control systems (i.e custom controller) to move away from legacy architecture into cloud friendly and safety.
Best Practices:
  • The new approach allows door access control system to adopt the cloud whereby ecosystems get to proactively anticipate and address system issues before they occur - for example, the ability to detect a failing reader before it becomes totally faulty.
Editor's comments:
  • HID readers are popular choice in the door access industry in Malaysia - the readers are interoperable with door access controllers from different vendors via open standard such as the Wiegand interface.
  • Custom authentication key is useful to ensure that a reader can only read cards which are paired with the same set of authentication to eliminate detection of alien card activities which may consume unnecessary system resources such as network bandwidth.