TikTokers Inspired to Join Fights Against COVID-19

Following the footstep of TikTok who has raised the awareness on COVID-19, such as #safehands and COVID-19 FAQ initiatives.

Many TikTokers also embraced similar cause:

Hot FM (@hotfm976_) Deen and Haziq from Hot FM showed us some creative ways to greet others without the need to make physical contact. Remember guys, we don’t have to be rude while social-distancing ourselves, just think out of the box!
Mohamad Sofian (@sofyank96) Like a wizard, this creator makes magic happen out of thin air with his sick editing skills in this COVID-19 prevention video. If you enjoyed it, be sure to check out all of his other amazing work, guaranteed to keep you glued to the screen for hours!
Fly FM (@flyfm) Listeners on FLY FM’s 7-12am slot would spot the lovely Ili Ruzanna attempting to wash-dance-dance-wash her way to sanitization! All’s well as long as we keep our hands clean at all times. Great job, Ili!
Wingkeh & Kefith (@wingkeh_keifth) TikTok’s bubblegum sweetheart and prince charming, Wingkeh and Keifth, were the first runner up when they represented Malaysia for TikTok All-Stars Southeast Asia 2019. Today, they’re bigger than ever and have called upon all their viewers to maintain good hand hygiene through this catchy tune!
Era FM (@era.je) ERA FM: “Muzik Hit Terbaik”, but most recently, “Cleanliness Also Terbaik” ! This radio station uploaded a series of videos which highlight the importance of keeping sanitized, social-distancing, and wearing a mask outdoors when you’re sick. Someone give them a medal!
Faizal Tahir (@faizal_tahir) Faizal Tahir and friends came together to send an important message along with gut-cramping laughter in this video on greeting people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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