10 Reasons Why the Huawei P40 Series offers the best photography in Smartphone

Date : 21-Apr-2020
Location: Kuala Lumpur

Key Takeaways:
  • Since the launch of its partnership with German camera-maker Leica in 2016, the HUAWEI P Series has rewritten the standard of smartphone photography, setting an unchallenged standard with its incredible light intake and zooming capabilities.
  • The recently released HUAWEI P40 Series built on this heritage with its Ultra Vision Leica Camera system. Its amazing capabilities were further endorsed by camera testing firm DxOMark giving it a score of 128 points, putting it at the top of the firm’s rankings.

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10 Reasons Why the Huawei P40 Series offers the best photography in Smartphone:

1.) Largest CMOS sensor used in HUAWEI smartphones

The amount of light a camera sensor captures is determined by its size, which is measured in inches. The HUAWEI P40 Series features the HUAWEI Ultra Vision Sensor, which measures 1/1.28-inch and is the largest sensor embedded in HUAWEI’s smartphones to date.

The HUAWEI Ultra Vision Sensor which has a 50MP resolution, supports pixel binning to create supersized pixels that measure 2.44 µm. It can collect more electrons which are converted through a photoelectric effect (into information about colour and light), so that the signal-to-noise ratio is improved, resulting in less noisy dark images. The Ultra Vision Sensor also replaces traditional green pixels from a RGGB CFA with yellow pixels, increasing light intake by 40 percent.

2.) Full Pixel Octa PD AutoFocus that ensures great AF (AutoFocus) performance

Each pixel on the 50MP Ultra Vision Sensor has two photodiodes for Dual Pixel Diode AF. By default, the HUAWEI P40 Series shoots 12.5MP images with 4-in-1 pixel binning, which means each large pixel contains eight AF photodiodes working together to improve focus speed and accuracy when taking photos in dark areas, as well as shooting pictures of small moving objects.

3.) Multi-Spectrum Colour Temperature Sensor + AI AWB algorithm

For those who love portraiture, this technology is for you. To reproduce accurate skin tone and fine skin texture, the HUAWEI P40 Series features a Multi-Spectrum Colour Temperature Sensor and AI Auto White Balance (AI AWB) algorithm.

The number of colour channels is increased from three to eight, boosts colour precision by 45 percent. AI deep learning algorithm delivers precise portrait optimisation, which in turn maintains clear facial shadows and hair glossiness.

4.) HUAWEI XD Fusion Engine

The HUAWEI XD Fusion Engine greatly enhances image details and improves image quality by combining high-fidelity data from multiple cameras.

It also goes through a series of semantic interpretation and segmentation, and pixel-by-pixel image processing - via semantic AI - aggregating data from multiple cameras allows the engine to obtain information about exposure, depth and more.

HUAWEI XD Fusion Engine

5.) Periscope SuperSensing Zoom

Inside the HUAWEI P40 Pro, there’s a horizontally placed periscope 5x Optical Telephoto Camera that includes a prism to reflect light at a 90-degree angle, shifting it to the horizontal plane, to support 5x optical zoom and 50x maximum digital zoom.

6.) Third-generation AI Image Processing Engine

The powerful engine processes images pixel by pixel, resulting in lossless object separation and optimisation. Images taken with backlight, low light and zoom are all qualitatively improved. Portraits processed with this engine feature better skin texture, colour and lighting - do away the need of post-production.

7.) Ultra Wide Cine Camera

HUAWEI P40 Pro and HUAWEI P40 Pro+ feature an Ultra Wide Cine Camera with a 1/1.54-inch sensor and the 3:2 golden ratio.

8.) Directional Audio Zoom

HUAWEI P40 Pro supports Directional Audio Zoom, which means its omnidirectional microphones on the top, bottom and back can accurately collect the surrounding sound. As the focus of the camera zooms in, the sound from further away will be amplified. The sound is not only directional, but the system also effectively filters out other background noise.

9.) HUAWEI Golden Snap

Powered by the Kirin 990 5G, the new HUAWEI Golden Snap uses AI to add a new dimension to still image processing: time. AI Best Moment uses AI to help budding photographers pick the best shot every time. Analysing the frames taken before, during and after the shutter button is pressed, this feature picks out the best frames based on an extensive library of reference photos. The benefits of this feature are most apparent when taking snapshots of moving objects and peoples’ faces.

10.) Powerful front cameras

The HUAWEI P40 Pro has a 32MP AF Camera, IR Depth Camera, proximity sensor and ambient sensor under the small hole on the display. These advanced components enrich the user experience with a host of features. The front camera module supports AF to help user focus on their face. It also supports 4K UHD video capture. Working together with the IR Depth Camera, the 32MP AF Camera can also provide pro-grade Bokeh effects.

Editor's comments:
  • It is definitely worth the money for professional photographers; save money and resources from extensive post-production.
  • For amateur photographers, save your money from attending photography courses.