Deploy Mobile E-Commerce Apps Within Average 8-week Timeframe Via The Studio Store

Date : 09-Apr-2020
Location: Kuala Lumpur

Key Takeaways:
  •, today announced that it’s launching the Studio Store, a new range of pre-packaged apps - beginning with e-commerce and delivery - designed to bring businesses online faster and at a fraction of the cost of building from scratch.
  • As COVID-19 heavily impacts small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), will help all SMBs build their e-commerce or local delivery app with The Studio Store and provide the first three months of live service for free.
  • Sachin Dev Duggal, co-founder and CEO of,said, the Studio Store makes it easy and affordable for businesses to amplify their digital presence. Having a thoughtful digital presence for businesses will be critical moving forward.

  • The Builder Studio is a no-code rapid software development platform (web, mobile, wearable).
  • The Studio Store is a new range of pre-packaged apps built on top of the platform that provide specifically to function as a mobile e-commerce app that supports payment integration, in-app notifications and FedEx integration (for delivery), and customization within a time frame of eight weeks.
  • Subscription covers professional service, technical support and cloud.
  • Due to the impact of COVID-19, will help SMBs with e-commerce or delivery needs build their Studio Store app and provide the first three months of live service for free. This offer will remain available for the next three months.
  • The Studio Store apps are currently offered to English speaking customers across the world. The Studio Store is priced at $500 per month and does not take any cut of sales or transaction fees (other than those charged directly by a payment gateway). 
  • requires a one-month deposit at the beginning of the engagement. Unlike other SaaS providers, the customer gets a copy of the code after 24 months.
builder studio
No code rapid software development platform

  • With the Studio Store, is furthering its mission to democratize the software market by offering pre-built software for a fraction of the price, giving more companies than ever the opportunity to use technology to grow their business.
  • The Studio Store can also serve as a stepping-stone as customers can add features from Builder Studio to make their app more customized over time.
Editor's comments:
  • The need of localized evangelist and consultant to expedite adoption, most SMEs will not have enough resources to explore the offerings during these trying time.
  • must recruit localized resellers to help with that.
  • Is a good thing that customers will be given the source code after 24 months of subscription which translates to about RM 36k (500 x 24 x 3) - not too bad.
  • The market rate of a basic mobile app development cost (from scratch) is about RM 36k with deployment time frame between 3 to 6 months. 
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