3 TikTok Initiatives to get you going this Ramadan!

This year marks the first time we’ll be spending Ramadan indoors; a breakaway from the usual tradition of swarming bazaars with our loved ones in search of Raya delicacies and snacks. Despite this change, nobody ever said that the Ramadan spirit should also be on MCO!

In an effort to flatten the curve while channelling the Ramadan spirit with our fellow Malaysians, TikTok is bringing Ramadan to life with three exciting initiatives - #RamadanMubarak, #KongsiKebaikan and #Iftar!

#RamadanMubarak is the first initiative to kickstart TikTok’s Ramadan campaign, with activities planned all throughout Ramadan and Raya! This initiative is a call for us to remember the blessed month as a time of forgiveness and mutual support, as our creators have shown in their own special way.

The second initiative, #KongsiKebaikan, embodies the spirit of giving back. This can be done in a multitude of ways. One example is by preserving the country’s rich history in traditional arts and crafts, as they play an integral part to making us uniquely Malaysian. As such, TikTok is extending its influence to the arts culture by partnering with Kraftangan Malaysia via #KongsiKebaikan to exhibit the legacy of Malaysian crafts on the platform. In the near future, this initiative will also take form as a competition, with 11 winners eligible to receive cash prizes.

#Iftar is the final initiative for spending Ramadan on TikTok and much to its importance, it symbolizes more than just the time to break fast; but also to seek newfound appreciation for our daily sustenance and to strengthen our spiritual resolve holistically. As a means to strengthen social ties during this period of social distancing, Colgate and TikTok is also encouraging users to share their #Iftar culinary delights with the rest of the world! After all, what is Ramadan without the smiles and laughter in the air from the ones we love most?