Unconditional love for humanity - I support

In response to the following video:

I support net neutrality and no censorship of the Internet, however, I also think that there is no right and wrong and a platform deserves every rights to proceed with community guidelines and hence censorship.

Many years ago, we did a post on Internet censorship in Malaysia.

I do think that posting sensitive contents could potentially bring more harm than good to conservative societies like Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the right thing to do is to cooperate and comply with the authority - and authority is the last line of defense to ensure that society live in peace and harmony, failing that, nothing works - one can't go to work, one can't go home to love ones; one can't make money, one can't maintain a life.

Therefore, I support the spirit of London Real which is to create a mass scale transformation of humanity into a fully empowered, conscious and cooperative species by means of freedom of speech.

Nonetheless, it (freedom of speech) is subjective.

Peace, love all, serve all, unconditional love for humanity.

The truth is always bitter but better.

Thank you London Real, thank you Brian Rose.