Biztory Empowers Mobile Workforce with Mobile App Launch

Date : 01-Jun-2020
Location: Puchong, Selangor


Biztory,easy-to-use and secure cloud accounting software for SMEs.

Key Takeaways:
  • Biztory today launched the first version of its mobile accounting app for small- and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs in Malaysia.
  • The mobile app enables users to create and share sales invoices on the go, either via a smartphone or a tablet computer.
  • Bryan Soong, Founder and CEO of Biztory,said,mobility has become a critical component of doing business,number of mobile users and the average time spent on mobile devices in the country is still in the upward trend.
  • Tony Chua,Small business owner,online creative platform called Rtist,said,the mobile app is a useful tool for mobile workforce.
  • The app will update the inventory every time stocks are listed in a new invoice.
  • Biztory mobile app is available starting now for subscribers of Biztory L service package.
  • It runs on Android and iOS devices.
  • Biztory mobile accounting app is available in English and Mandarin languages. Meanwhile, subscribers of S and M service packages will have to upgrade to L package to allow them to use Biztory mobile accounting app.
Cool features:
  • Obtain customer information including their billing history.
  • Invoices can be shared via email or WhatsApp.
  • Cloud enabled - all data will be saved to the cloud.
More features will be updated in the coming month, such as the feature to Create Quotation and Sales Target, target by third quarter of 2020.

Biztory Cloud Accounting Software Google Play

  • Many sales deals are done outside of the office, the mobile app serves as sales automation and digital transformation.
  • Accounting is a core business function within any business regardless of their size.
Editor's comments:
  • The mobile app is also useful to empower the micro SME segment such as hawkers and pasar malam traders to manage expenses and cash flow, and even issuing sales sales to customers.
  • Small traders can now start to transform digitally.