MySafeCity WebAR Educates Malaysian on Stay Safe and Social Distancing for COVID-19

Date : 04-Jun-2020
Location: Kuala Lumpur


Ministry XR, Redesigning Reality.

Key Takeaways:
  • To help Malaysian to cope with the fight against COVID-19, Ministry XR created a webAR city (MySafeCity), as an effort to educate stay safe and practise social responsibility to mitigate the pandemic.
  • MySafeCity allows users to explore and interact with buildings within a 3D city to pick up engaging information on COVID-19 and keep themselves entertained.
  • From learning about how long coronavirus lasts on common surfaces to debunking myths on the disease, MySafeCity hosts a variety of informative, educational and entertaining content for all ages.
  • Parents will find MySafeCity a useful and engaging tool for children. While schools remain close, the premise of this augmented world will be one that is immersive and educational for the young and the young-at-heart alike.
  • Some of the contents within the city are sponsored by brands including TIME internet, Grab Food and Zalora. MySafeCity is also proud to be supporting KitaJagaKita, the "one-stop platform" for Malaysian civil society COVID-19 efforts.
  • It will only work on smartphone with built-in camera.
MySafeCity Viewing on smartphone as Augmented Reality