TerraMaster Launches Own App Store : TerraMaster TOS Targeting Linux Developers

Date : 24-Jun-2020
Location: Shenzhen, China


TerraMaster,providers of innovative storage products, including network attached storage and direct attached storage.

Key Takeaways:

TerraMaster TOS APP Development Guide which allows independent developers to create apps that can run on the TerraMaster TOS.

  • The TerraMaster TOS APP Development Guide provides developers a complete suite of tools and a suitable app development environment for creating applications.
  • With this, TerraMaster can work hand-in-hand with developers that will help grow the TerraMaster TOS into a more robust and feature-packed storage ecosystem that will benefit all TerraMaster NAS users.
  • Developers can list and sell apps on the TerraMaster TOS
Simple steps:

Step 1: Download the development environment (TerraMaster TOS Toolchain)

A Linux-based development environment that you can use to develop applications that can run in TerraMaster TOS.

System Requirement:
  • CentOS 64-bit
  • 4GB memory or higher
  • 100GB of drive free space or higher
Step 2: Develop application
Step 3: Pack application
Step 4: Test application
Step 5: Apply for listing
Step 6: Update

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Editor's Comments:
  • One needs a CentOS 64-bit machine to host the TerraMaster TOS Toolchain.
  • Think of it as the Apple's AppStore or Android's GooglePlay or Huawei's AppGallery or Window's Microsoft Store.
  • One needs to develop native app targeting CentOS environment, therefore, the preferred programming language are Java and C/C++.
TerraMaster TOS App Store
TerraMaster TOS App Store