Malaysia, Social Media Contents Require License Too ?

All film production, whether from media outlets or personal media on traditional platforms or even social media, require a licence, says the Communications and Multimedia Ministry.

Its Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah (pic) said it is compulsory for producers of these films to apply for a Film Production Licence and Film Shooting Certificate (SSP) regardless if they are from a mainstream media outlet or personal media.

Saifuddin said Section 2 of the Finas Act reads that film includes feature films, short films, trailers, advertising “filmlets” and any recording on material of any kind, including videotapes and video discs of moving images, accompanied or unaccompanied by sound, and documentaries, for the viewing of the public.

All filming requires SSP license
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Does it cover Tiktok, Youtube videos and live broadcast ?

On 24-Jul-2020, the ministry publish a press released to inform the public that social media users are free to upload videos without the need for license.

social media video exemption media statement
Social media video exemption media statement