Omron Partners Techmetics Robotics to Launch UVC Disinfection Robot

Date : 16-Jul-2020
Location: Singapore

  • OMRON Asia Pacific,a leading company of automation centered on its propriety Sensing & Control + Thinking technologies.
  • Techmetics Robotics, the pioneer in Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) solutions for service industries such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Assisted living, Casino and Retail industries.

Key Takeaways:

Omron announced foray into UVC disinfection with the launch of its robot – LD UVC.

  • The robot is a co-creation with Techmetics Robotics.
  • The UVC light has been proven to be effective in breaking down the pathogens’ DNA and RNA beyond recovery, thus stopping them from replicating. OMRON LD-UVC navigates autonomously and disinfects premises including the high-touch areas by eliminating 99.90% of bacteria and viruses -both airborne and droplet- by delivering the precise dosage of UVC energy.
  • Cool features:
    • LD UVC robot manoeuvres through narrow corridors, elevators, and even automatic doors seamlessly.
    • It also shuts off its UVC light upon human detection, ensuring impeccable safety for human beings.
    • Automatic charging.
OMRON LD UVC - side view
OMRON LD UVC - side view
  • Mr. Takehito Maeda, Managing Director of Industrial Automation Business, OMRON Asia Pacific,said,with COVID-19 in the background, the robot will yield a great value to organizations who are struggling to find the right, effective, less labour-intensive and long-term solutions to ensure their premises are safe and germ-free.
  • Mr. Mathan Muthupillai, Founder and CEO of Techmetics Robotics,said,the partnership with Omron is a significant leap for the company to cater to a very important social need at present times.

The integration of UVC technology is just another example of the flexibility and adaptability inherent in OMRON mobile robots. With the largest install base in the world, OMRON mobile robots have been deployed in thousands of applications across multiple industries such as material handling, hospitability, automotive manufacturing to name just a few.