Cohesity SiteContinuity Offers Industry First Single Platform Web-Scale Automated DR Solution

Date : 13-Oct-2020
Location: Singapore


Cohesity ushers in a new era in data management that solves a critical challenge facing businesses today: mass data fragmentation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cohesity announced SiteContinuity, an automated disaster recovery (DR) solution that is integrated with the company’s backup and continuous data protection capabilities -- making it the only web-scale, converged solution to protect applications across tiers, service levels, and locations on a single platform.
  • Cohesity is making this announcement as organizations are concerned about losing data to ransomware attacks, natural disasters, or human error. This new integrated solution will help companies ensure data isn’t lost, applications are available, costs are reduced — by eliminating redundant or unnecessary infrastructure — and that strict service-level agreements (SLAs) are met. 


  • With Cohesity SiteContinuity, organizations can recover a single file, critical business application, or an entire data center with just a few clicks, automating recovery operations spanning across application tiers and on-premises and public cloud environments. It dramatically simplifies the challenge organizations face in trying to manage complex hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments with numerous applications running across multiple tiers with varying service levels during the course of normal operations.
  • This solution will be generally available in the fourth quarter of the calendar year 2020.


  • Steve Culy, senior systems engineer, Navis.,said, maintaining the integrity of our data in the face of a disaster or attacks is crucial and protecting our applications and data across various SLAs is complex and challenging.
  • Matt Waxman, vice president of product management, Cohesity, said,in the backdrop of increasing complexity of cyber security landscape,this offering provides IT leaders an ideal time to rethink disaster recovery strategy, to both lower cost and increase simplicity.
  • Francois Lepage, cybersecurity and infrastructure manager, Master Group, commented that the offering is a single platform that can automate DR orchestration, while also managing backups from a single policy.
  • Brian Ellis, vice president, advanced solutions, Tech Data,said, when a disaster strikes, a simple and quick recovery solution is ideal as downtime and data loss are not an option.
  • Christophe Bertrand, senior analyst, ESG,said,the offering is timely due to the increased frequency and cost of cyberattacks facing enterprises.


  • Today, many companies are not equipped to meet critical recovery objectives. In a recent study published by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), when respondents were asked if their actual recovery times met their pre-established SLAs, 78 percent stated they are unable to “always” meet their objectives and 33 percent said they “sometimes” or “rarely” meet these objectives.*
  • Cohesity Helios Mobile App Brings Mission Critical Dashboard To Your Fingertips.

Best Practices:

According to Steve Culy, leverage the Cohesity’s data platform, to implement disaster recovery (DR) strategy and automate business continuity, to manage the high requirement of complicated SLAs, and reduce downtime with automated, rapid failover and failback.

 Editor's Comments:

  • Organizations with hybrid cloud deployments should leverage SiteContinuity for automated disaster recovery because it is the only solution in the market which supports web-scale disaster recovery.
  • Organizations without cloud deployment should leverage SiteContinuity because the solution helps to web-scale the data backup and disaster recovery.
Automated disaster recovery simplifies processes
Automated disaster recovery reduces downtime

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