Amazing Things You Can Do with A 5G Phone

 By Vivo Malaysia

5G is the future.” That is what we have been hearing and reading over the last few years about the future of smartphones.

The truth is, many cities around the Southeast Asia region are still operating on a 4G network; however, we see great progress in their plans to deploy the 5G network to ensure that they are ready to reap in all the benefits the technology will bring in many years to come. One notable progress lies in 5G smartphone manufacturers such as vivo, who is already at the forefront to enable the early adoption of 5G. Through the exciting launch of the highly anticipated vivo V20 Pro, users in Malaysia are presented with the option of getting their hands on a 5G-ready phone that is packed with great features, at a reasonable price.

Encapsulated in an aesthetically pleasing body, vivo has expertly packaged its industry-leading technology into a sleek and thin 7.39mm design for the V20 Pro in Midnight Jazz and Moonlight Sonata for the enjoyment of its consumers. The V20 Pro features a 7nm octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G which supports both Standalone Access (SA)* and Non-Standalone Access (NSA) 5G networks.

This advanced optimisation will help users enjoy low latency connections in their day-to-day consumptions of mobile internet, so as the vivo V20 Pro is launched in Malaysia, let’s see what you can do with a 5G phone.

1.) Make crystal clear video calls

Ever been in a video call where the other party is nothing but a fuzzy blob? With 5G’s next-to-zero lag and high-speed data, low quality video calls will be a thing of the past – as having a 5G phone means you can now make calls with little to no buffering needed.

Combined with the vivo V20 Pro’s 44MP Eye Autofocus Dual Front Camera, you can be assured to enjoy crystal clear video calls with its 4K Selfie Video feature with friends and family all day, every where.

2.) Send and receive information instantaneously

It is not uncommon for emails with large files or text messages with heavy videos to receive a delay in the process of being sent, all because of the latency or gap time it takes to transmit data. As a result, users are often left feeling frustrated while waiting for their email or message to go through, if at all.

Upon the implementation of the 5G technology, users will note the power in speed and lower latency and applying that onto a 5G phone, users will be able to send and receive emails, text messages and download large files without a hitch.

3.) Enjoy uninterrupted usage in crowded areas

Have you ever faced problems in refreshing your Instagram feed in a train or a crowded room? With too many devices trying to connect to the same network, more often than not do users find themselves watching a screen load, than accessing the actual content.

As we expect the bandwidth capacity of 5G to be significantly larger than 4G networks, loading screens will be history and immediate-load screens a phenomenon to stay. Users can expect to enjoy faster speeds and seamlessly publish a status update or view their friends Instagram Stories anytime and anywhere.

4.) Watch videos smoothly

Speed is one of the biggest and most anticipated elements of 5G technology. While 4G network speeds are fast as it is, 5G speeds are expected to be nearly 100 times faster than 4G, making it possible to download or stream videos in a matter of seconds.

Through the capabilities of 5G technology, smartphones will allow users to seamlessly stream videos without much of a wait at all. And with the V20 Pro’s 6.44-inch AMOLED FHD+ display, users can view their favourite series in vibrant and authentic colours.

5.) Play high-resolution AR games
Gaming will also receive a major upgrade. Currently, mobile games which feature augmented reality rely on a phone’s data connection to create virtual elements in the world around us (think: Pokemon Go). And with 5G’s faster connection, players can enjoy a richer and more immersive gameplay experience.

Beyond that, new innovations in gaming such as real-time gaming will benefit gamers around the world, allowing them to play the same game using wireless internet connected devices all at the same time.

With the capabilities of 5G, the future of smartphones is being revolutionised at a rapid pace. And with the V20 Pro’s 5G-ready capabilities, users will be able to enjoy these benefits right from the get-go.  

The vivo V20 Pro is now available in Malaysia, it is priced at RM 1,899 and will come in Midnight Jazz and Moonlight Sonata. For more information, visit

Benefits of a 5G smartphone
Benefits of a 5G smartphone