Digi Announced Accessibility Upgrades to Web Sites and Apps, to Better Serve and Empower PWDs

Date : 03-Dec-2020
Location: Subang Jaya


Digi is a mobile connectivity and internet services provider enabling 10.7 million Malaysians on our advanced 4G+ network.

Key Takeaways:

  • In conjunction with the International Day of Persons with Disability 2020, Digi today introduced its recently enhanced website (www.digi.com.my) and MyDigi app, that now comes with improved accessibility features to better serve the visually impaired community in Malaysia.
  • Digi also encourages other like-minders to follow suit, by launching an Inclusive Digital Touchpoints Playbook which shares insights and best practices.
  • These efforts form part of Digi’s Yellow Heart commitment to operate a responsible, inclusive business focused on making the internet equally accessible for all.

Digi Inclusive Digital Touchpoints Inspiration
Digi Inclusive Digital Touchpoints Inspiration


  • The accessibility upgrades made to the company’s digital touchpoints were guided by international standards for accessibility, and addresses four challenges associated to visual impairment, which are blindness, low vision, colour blindness and dyslexia.
  • These improvements are being built into Digi’s current web and app design, functionality, content and technology platforms to ensure compatibility with digital applications commonly used by People With Disabilities (PWDs) such as screen readers, audio and video transcribers.


  • Philip Ling,Digi’s Head of Sustainability,said,inclusion is a basic human right;the efforts help to empower PWD with a sense of independence to run their own errands; and to connect them to more socio-economic opportunities.
  • Stevens Chan, Founder of Dialogue in the Dark said,inclusive accessibility is a societal responsibility;PWDs should receive equal access and opportunities like the rest of Malaysians do - Stevens also reminded everybody that as we age,our eyesight will fade, and with very few exceptions - that means almost everybody is a target market.
  • Brian Lariche, Chief Executive Officer of Make it Right Movement,said,this efforts will empower PWDs to play a role in contributing to the growth in the economic sector - Brian also added that the PWDs community commands a big market size for all kind of services such as online food ordering.


  • Digi teamed up with local social enterprises, Dialogue in The Dark (DID) and the Make It Right Movement (MIRM), organisations who work closely with the visually impaired communities, to release the Inclusive Digital Touchpoints Playbook.
    Digi teamed up with Dialogue in the Dark
    Digi teamed up with Dialogue in the Dark

    Digi teamed up with Make it Right Movement
    Digi teamed up with Make it Right Movement

  • Prior to this, Digi had rolled out several other initiatives as part of its ongoing commitment to amplify accessibility for underserved communities, including Yellow Heart Privileges, which provides an RM10 monthly lifetime rebate for connectivity plans catered to the disabled community and senior citizens, and accessibility upgrades in Digi Stores such as wheelchair ramps, and dedicated express lanes for persons with disabilities, senior citizens and expectant mothers.
  • Digi’s Yellow Heart commitment will be continuous going forward.

Best Practices:

The Playbook shares valuable insights from Digi’s research and direct feedback from the PWD community on considerations for building accessible digital touchpoints. Some of these practical inputs include how to assess current website friendliness for disabled users, tools to validate if implemented feature upgrades are effective, and examples of international best practices for accessible websites and apps. 

Editor's comments:

  • To make an app with inclusive touchpoints for PWDs is definitely a challenge for many, especially startup companies, where resources are limited and development timeline is stingy and uninspiring.
  • Nonetheless, the efforts of Digi's Yellow Heart should serve as an inspiration for app developers - it is both a challenge and an opportunity.