Joint Effort of Tibco and Microsoft Helps Identify Missing Maps in Congo and Indonesia

Date :18-Nov-2020
Location: Palo Alto, CA

The "Missing Maps" organization, is an initiative which uses OpenStreetMap mapping platform to identify remote relief areas, to enable humanitarian organizations and first responders to reach these locations at times of crisis.

In other words, Humanitarian organizations will leverage the data from the "Missing Maps" initiative to plan risk reduction and disaster response activities that save lives.

Using the satellite images, volunteers of the "Missing Maps" initiative, fill in extra info such as map objects for buildings and other details like street names and evacuation centers etc.

At a recent philanthropic event, Micosoft and Tibco contributed time and resources,collectively completed over 5,930 map edits of Indonesia with 168 volunteer hours logged.

The TIBCO4Good initiative aims to give back, focusing on sustainable innovations that uplift, inspire, and facilitate the positive change we need in the world.

Gretchen O’Hara, vice president, go-to-market strategy, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft,said,employees from Microsoft and TIBCO came together to map areas in the Congo and Indonesia which will enable the delivery of life-saving vaccines and help first responders navigate the regions in case of natural disasters.

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