Infobip Moments as Integration Platform To Consolidate Siloed Customer Engagement Platforms

Infobip Moments serves as an integration platform for consolidating different customer engagement and sales platforms - the unified platform comes with front-end and back-end and caters for further customization.

For example, one may consolidate data from CRM (Customer Relationship Management), e-commerce marketplaces and legacy systems (i.e accounting system),after which, meaningful outputs can be generated, such as automating birthday wishes to customers.

The end result is an Omnichannel customer engagement hub where one gets to interact with customers via different channels such as the likes of chat apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Line, etc.), SMS, email, voice, mobile apps, websites, and emerging channels such as Rich Communication Services (RCS).

Infobip Moment - Omni-channel Customer Engagement Hub
Infobip Moments - Omni-channel Customer Engagement Hub


Case study:

In the finance industry, Moments can be setup to automate and customize payment reminders, based on the following best practices:

  • People - unify data from your customer touchpoints such as mobile apps,websites,CRM
  • Segmentation - send tailored campaigns to customers by grouping them into segments based on their attributes
  • Events-based trigger - send the messages once customers performed an action
  • Workflow customizations - create rich workflows with conditional scenarios and failovers customized by products
CS Gill,Infobip
CS Gill,Infobip


Omnichannel customer engagement hub is great to achieve the following results:
  • Onboarding new customers.
  • Great engagement moments offer great customer experience.
  • Customers retention.

Leverage on Moments to kick start the next level of customer experience.

P/S :

On 10-Dec-2020, Infobip celebrated their 10-year milestone in Malaysia, currently headquartered in Cyberjaya, the Infobip APAC office serves as a hub for the region’s business operations, ensuring great visibility and collaboration opportunities with key industry stakeholders, partners, and businesses in Malaysia.

Infobip was born as a startup project by a group of friends in 2002 with the aim to transform a local community into a digital municipality.

CS Gill, Country Manager at Infobip Malaysia,said,the company looks forward to establishing more meaningful collaborations with local businesses and enterprises, over the next 10 years.