Constellation Network Proposes A Scalable Economic Data Framework v2


Constellation Network.

Key Takeaways:

  • Constellation Network is a pioneer in blockchain and cryptocurrency, having launched the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) token via a successful ICO, a cryptocurrency with proprietary protocol and consensus.
  • The original DAG was meant to empower blockchain's smart contract implementation.


Constellation Network's Tokenomics v2.0 - a Scalable Economic Framework for Digital Entrepreneurs.

The Tokenomics v2 white paper is a complex document, key highlights include:

  • The aim of the Tokenomics proposal is to establish a new economic model for blockchain decentralized applications,by conventional design,was limited due to the nature the pay-per-transaction economy,in which in order to write a data to a blockchain network, one has to pay the transaction fee,better known as the crypto gas fee.
  • Tokenomics v2 proposes the Hypergraph - a decentralized network - which is designed to be fee-less,powered by the DAG token.
  • The core idea is encourage digital entrepreneurs - or providers of data and microservices - to setup network nodes known as state channels by acquiring DAGs - the more DAGs one owns, the more bandwidth one will be entitled - while catering consumers of data with fee-less access.
  • The nodes can be connected to external systems, such as integration with enterprise systems, or other cryptocurrency networks etc.
  • Nodes will be incentivised for the works of validating data in the network,better known as crypto mining.
  • Hypergraph will enforce the integrity of DAGs circulation in the ecosystem - ensuring both liquidity and not over-supply.
  • Besides earning incentives for the nodes, owners can also make money by monetizing the nodes, such as establishment of microservices for subscription by consumers.
  • Developers are invited to propose integration with the Hypergraph, potential projects are:
  • Projects related to cryptocurrency
  • Public sector platforms
  • Enterprise integration projects
  • Cryptocurrency liquidity projects
  • Decentalized Finance (DeFi) platforms.

 Editor's comments:

  • In other words, there is still no free lunch,except that the cost will be borne by digital entrepreneurs,instead of consumers. In turn, the former will be rewarded with incentives and monetization opportunities,and this completes a full economical cycle.
  • The solution is meant to empower decentralized data and applications,which cannot be taken offline,because there is no system core,they are everywhere.
  • Besides decentralization,having the ability to ensure data integrity and monetization of data,translates to the embodiment of smart contract
  • This is another cool opportunity yet,for startups to jump into a pioneering bandwagon - they are currently inviting digital entrepreneurs to host nodes.

Interconnected Nodes With No Centralization
Interconnected nodes without centralization

Photo by Thomas Couillard on Unsplash