Infobip Study Finds Evidence of Permanent Shift to Digitised CSX Plaforms

 Date : 06-Apr-2021
 Location: Kuala Lumpur


Infobip, a global cloud communications platform that enables businesses to build connected customer experiences across all stages of the customer journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Infobip released a report titled A Year of Disruption: Managing Increasing Complexities in Customer Service which indicates that even if working from home is not continued in future after the situation improves, digital transformation is here to stay.   
  • Covid-19,since 2020,caused disruption to the customer service industry,forcing customer experience (CX) and CX processes to go digital.
  • Although the return to normalcy is expected to happen within the near future,the study found that the disruption has caused permanent shifts to digitised platforms,in certain market segments,and this trend is expected to continue.
  • The study found a few key challenges that companies are facing without digitising the customer service experience (CSX):
    • Some businesses are experiencing more sales and hence more requirements for customer service and support - 54%
    • Travel restrictions force more things to go online - 48%
    • Existing solutions from off-the-shelve and off-the-app-store lack supports and consultancy from the vendors - 46%

Digitised Customer Service Platforms Entails Better Customer Relationships
Digitised Customer Service Platforms Entails Better Customer Relationships



CS Gill, Country Manager of Infobip Malaysia,said,adoption of digital customer experience platfoms is a natural progression,due to the digital transformation disruption that is happening across the broader perspective of ICT industry,largely spiked by Covid-19 in year 2020.

Deploying CPaaS,hence,omni-channel platforms,entails building of relationships with customers in the long term,and it has proven to reap the benefits of returning customers and sales


I.) In the greater market's perspective,most people have resorted to digitalisation of customer communications by adopting the Whatsapp chat as part of the official business communication channel,instead of implementing a complete omni-channel platform.

Among the surveyed markets:

  • Indonesia - 65%
  • Malaysia - 55%
  • Singapore - 46%

Businesses adopted Whatsapp Chat for Digitising Customer Service
Businesses adopted Whatsapp Chat for Digitising Customer Service


II.) The study was fielded by a third-party company with 2,760 professionals across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Survey responses were collected between 21 December and 27 December 2020.

Case Studies:

  • MrSpeedy implemented Infobip’s SMS solution to increase message delivery rates with around the clock support, and they added Infobip’s Voice to their communication mix to manage real-time enquiries between drivers and customers.
  • Gibraltar BSN leverages Infobip's solution to improvise communication with customers over important and sensitive documents delivery - end-to-end monitoring via modern digitised platform.