Malaysian Creative Leaders Launch Virtual Crowd & Spaces App, SoCrwd

Date : 24-May-2021
Location: Kuala Lumpur


  • Adnology Labs - a creative event agency with a multidisciplinary team , innovation focused, made of highly creative personality given by the value to build valuable and meaningful experiences.
  • Magnus Games Studio - Magnus Games started out as a small indie game studio, set up by two brothers with a big dream: to create games that are loved by fans around the world. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The first of its kind app in Malaysia, SoCrwd is a Social Crowd and Spaces on a Virtual Platform.
  • It is a collaboration between two well known brands from Malaysia, Adnology Labs and Magnus Games Studio.

SoCrwd virtual crowd & spaces app


  • Unique avatar based virtual world with fully customizable characters and endless possibilities in an environment built to mimic life in the real world.
  • Users can login and complete daily missions for coins, customise avatars, host public and private rooms for friends or a larger gathering, join public spaces to meet other people and explore new worlds.
  • SoCrwd provides companies the ability to host marketing, branding and business activities while being able to network, share name cards and company profiles, virtually. Ideally, it is fully customisable to the needs of the brands and consumers.
  • Free download.
  • No in-app purchases.
  • Available to both Android and iOS users.

SoCrwd, virtual eventsSoCrwd, avatars customisationSoCrwd, daily activities
SoCrwd, virtual eventsSoCrwd, avatars customisationSoCrwd, daily activities


  • Ken Chai, Chief Executive Officer of Adnology Labs,said,SoCrwd hopes to provide brands,businesses and talents to cope with the challenges of hosting events, meetings and meet-ups during Covid-19; as well as to explore new opportunities in virtual spaces.
  • DC Gan, Managing Director of Magnus Games Studio,said,the app was designed with loads of fun elements - it is more than just a game.


  • The virtual platform targets brands, businesses and consumers,with the mission to improvise virtual experiences for meetings,events,conferences and exploring virtual locations such as car showrooms, bank branches, property galleries, concept stores, exhibitions, concerts, bazaars etc.
  • Instead of brands having a dull web page with a purchase button, SoCrwd will design the entire layout of a store to engage with consumers and give them a good and unique user experience.
  • The mission is to champion the concept of Cross-Reality,merging online and offline experiences. For example, users play games on SoCrwd and reap their rewards through certain perks with a brand offline, and vice versa.

Editor's comments:

  • See this not as a temporary solution for hosting virtual meetings and events during Covid-19,but to explore new opportunities in the area of virtual experience,and to complement a new normal lifestyle, where the hybrid of both online and offline engagements is best carried out via a virtual crowd and spaces platform.