ZTE Innovations Enables Malaysia to Accelerate A New Wave of Transformations

Date : 28-Sep-2021
Location: Kuala Lumpur


  • ZTE Corporation,a global leader in telecommunications and information technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • ZTE Corporation recently held a virtual conference - titled Empowering Digital Transformation - attended by top local and global executives, where the tech company promotes the adoption of efficient network modernisation,and to embrace 5G evolution,to support the growth of the country’s digital economy, promote industry reform and enhance socioeconomic values.

5G will expand the horizon of everything
5G will expand the horizon of everything


  • 5G innovations to address network transformation for 5G commercialization and deployment in the ecosystems including Urban, Extreme Data Venues and Data-Intensive Indoor.
  • The establishment of the E2E Training Center in Multimedia University Melaka and the 5G Training Center in Multimedia University Cyberjaya by the end of 2021 - to realise the Jendela initiatives to improve socioeconomic values and contribute towards knowledge transfer.
  • Innovations in base stations ZTE is able to improve the design of chipsets, power amplifiers and system integration for higher power efficiency while also aligning to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals of companies and assisting Malaysian operators in building green networks more efficiently. 


  • Bai Yang, Vice President of ZTE Corporation urges Malaysian industries to embrace the transformative benefits of 5G evolution,assuring that ZTE will provide full cooperation to partners in Malaysia.

Bai Yang, Vice President of ZTE Corporation
Bai Yang, Vice President of ZTE Corporation

Best Practices:

1.) Manufacturing sector

Convert production lines in manufacturing factories into “smart factories”. This can be done by creating 5G Standalone (SA) private networks.

And to achieve lower power consumption through adoption of 5G Industrial Internet, Multi-access Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence.  

2.) Telco

Leverage enhanced network capabilities in three key aspects – bandwidth, agility and scheduling to improve the quality of service, leading to better user experiences, and potentially wider access. This can be achieved with new innovations for 5G uplink enhancements and gigabit optical access for wired broadband.

Case Studies:

  • Sharing a 5G SA use case in Thailand, ZTE and Advanced Info Service (AIS), one of Thailand's top wireless carriers and Internet service providers, are working in collaboration with Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) to develop Thailand’s first 5G smart factory. This was accomplished with the use of multiple advanced solutions such as 5G cloud machine vision, 5G industrial Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Augmented Reality (AR) remote guidance, Virtual Reality (VR) panoramic monitoring and unmanned inspection robots. These technologies could similarly be applied to Malaysia.


  • A number of 5G business cases were also presented during the event to highlight how these new technologies are used around the world and can be applied in Malaysia in the digitalization efforts of a wide range of economic sectors.
  • ZTE Malaysia can help the government and its partners to realise Malaysia’s national digitalization plan (Jendela) which aspires to increase coverage and strengthen Malaysia’s sustainable and inclusive Internet connectivity infrastructure.
  • ZTE was instrumental in China's first 5G intelligent district in the Binjiang district of Nan Jing in 2019  - the coordinated incorporation of 5G within the industrial supply chain witnessed further growth in the use of 5G and promoted new 5G businesses in the surrounding areas. This enhanced not only production quality and improved worker safety but also upskilled workers to be able to meet the demands of the digital economy.
  • 5G and Cloud-based networks and services are already accelerating network convergence and are becoming increasingly crucial in building a unified and intelligent transport network for telcos, paramount for future network and services monetisation.
  • In Malaysia, ZTE is working with its strategic partners DiGi, UMobile, TM and Celcom to bring quality connectivity to all Malaysians through the use of ZTE solutions and cutting-edge technologies. 


  • 5G is definitely the future. A study compiled by IHS Markit (published in late 2019) underlines the potential of 5G. It projected that the use cases enabled by 5G will contribute a staggering USD 13.2 trillion to the global economy by 2035 and will be responsible for generating more than 22 million jobs. Malaysia cannot afford to be left behind.

Editor's comments:

  • 5G will expand the horizon of everything, because a 5G connectivity will be fast, cheap and efficient. Things not possible now will be possible with 5G - for example, you will be able to host multiple CCTV cameras at all angles to monitor your vehicle for vandalism, and stream it to your smartphone at a fraction of the cost, where the connectivity will be literally free.
  • ZTE Innovations Enables Malaysia to accelerate a new wave of socioeconomical and industrial transformations.