NEXEA Partners SDEC in Accelerator Programme to Nurture Sarawakian Startups

Date: 30-Aug-2023
Location: Kuala Lumpur


Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation Berhad (SDEC) is a company that is wholly owned by the State Government of Sarawak. Under the purview of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, SDEC is mandated to spearhead Sarawak’s digital economy initiatives and transform Sarawak into a Digital Economy Powerhouse.

Key Takeaways:

  • SDEC launched the Digital Village Accelerator (DiVA), a 5-month accelerator programme for startups and scaleups.
  • Nexea was the official accelerator partner of DiVA.
  • The programme focused on increasing revenue generation, expanding market presence, and enhancing investment potential.
  • The top 5 startups from the programme are Migratesafe,Hexabyn,Entomal,EB Tech and The Learning Curve.


  • Participants were given RM150,000 grants, mentorships, market access, master classes, access to VC and investors and auxiliary support for their startup growth.
  • Nexea provides the participants with additional leverages of RM2,000,000 worth of valuable startup benefits.
  • NEXEA also announced its investment commitment of RM320,000 to EB Tech.


Ben Lim, Founder and CEO of NEXEA, said, the capital of NEXEA is sourced from the a network of angel investors who take immense pride in committing investments to startups managed by the company. The angel investors also provide invaluable insights and guidance based on experience from both work and business.

Top 5 Startups for Digital Village Accelerator (DiVA):

  1. Migratesafe - Migratesafe is an ESG-centric recruitment agency that aims to enhance the reliability of migrant worker recruitment for household employers and companies.
  2. Hexabyn - Hexabyn specializes in computer vision technology, focusing on delivering practical and cost-efficient solutions, and making cutting-edge technology accessible to a wide range of businesses.
  3. Entomal - Entomal Biotech is South East Asia's leading on-demand black soldier fly provider that focuses on biowaste management and insect protein production.
  4. EB Tech - EB Tech is an Enterprise SaaS company that provides business optimization solutions by leveraging Vision AI and Deep Technology primarily designed for the agriculture, energy/infrastructure and carbon credits sector
  5. The Learning Curve - STEM delivery partner, developing digital hardware and software solutions to lighten students' school bags, teachers' workload and parents' expenses.
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Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash