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Ghost Detector
When IT + Ghost, how was that sound.

Now Japan actually sold on the market a “Ghost Rader” by Salid Alliance Corp, Yokohama. It is use to detect Ghost or special Magnetic wave. Plus it is recommended for Japan people who work beside computer until late night or people who would like to know if there are anything beside them. This device is quite small, Slightly bigger than tamagochi and it’s portable. And will give out Bip bip bip sound when> there are ghost around. Thinking of getting one, but so far no website had any information on this device.

But I found a few website on this detector, but it’s so big, ugly and expensive device. http://www.abateelectronics.com/prghost.html
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James bond is coming to town!
x-ray camcorder is for real guys... this is what they claimed as a real invasion of privacy..
What you see here is a new form of "infrared photography" using the "near infrared" light spectrum. You may have heard about this controversial new technology on the news lately! View the ABC news clip here.

All camcorders are made to view and record normal light. (white light). This is between 400 and 750 nanometers. Many common camcorders are equipped with nightvision or nightshot modes and are capable of viewing light higher than 750 nanometers. This is the "near infrared" light spectrum referred to on this chart below:

Waves in this spectrum are not visible to the naked eye but they are visible to the CCD chip in your camcorder. These "near infrared" light waves are the waves that are penetrating the material and reflecting an image of the body surface. The camcorder can pick up all these waves and records them. In order capture the x-ray effect you must block out the visible light waves or they will overtake your image drowning out the infrared image.

Normally the nightshot or nightvision mode was to be used only at night when there is very very little white light or (visible light) as we know it. However in order to do the trick at day time, they had to trick the camera into thinking it was night. We do this by screwing a filter on the lens that only lets the "near infrared light" (750 nanometers or more) into the camera. All the visible light waves are blocked out (750 and below). If you were to hold this filter up to the sun you will not be able to see thru it. It is totally black! But when you screw it on the camcorder and look in the viewfinder you can see a perfect black and white image. This is the x-ray vision technology that you see in use here.


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