Management Guru

We all have teachers, I have very little of them. Still, there are many virtual ones. I am not sure who is considered as a great management guru. I only know that for computer gurus we have people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, James Gosling, John Chambers and etc.

Recently, I have identified someone where we all can learn from. He is at a much higher level than any CEO around the globe, for the reason that he is the CEO of around 4 millions people. In fact, he is the Prime Minister of Singapore, BG Lee Hsien Loong.

Recently, during the national day celebrations, he gave yet another aspiring speech. Based on the speech which covers 3 languages, it is witnessed that many concepts preached can be applied to corporate management areas.

His main agenda was that Singapore is very different from 40 years ago, comparing to China with a history of more than 2000 years as recorded in artifacts, Singapore is still pretty much a baby, Malaysia is still in the worm I guess. Therefore, he reckoned that had Singapore been not working hard for the last 40 years, Singapore would be irrelevant to the world as at today. Therefore, it is important for Singapore to keep evolving. But he is having no clear foresight.

The followings are concepts preached:
1. Innovations and enterprising.
2. R & D.
3. Mindset change.
4. Help people so that they help themselves in order to help the situation.
5. Categorization of educations at the higher level. Number of graduates n descending order; Universities, Polys and Schools. Polys’ student can get degree too, but not awarded by Singapore university.
I can understand this, let me explain to you. Basically this is a society problem and it happens in Malaysia as well. Those graduated from a real university must be considered more honourable than those graduated from college. The reason is that if there is no quota for excellence, then there is no elite. Since all politicians of Singapore considered themselves elite, they have a reason to protect something. It is easier to understand that a principal of a local college go about preaching that his college is the best in the world, but he won’t register his children in his own college, he would opt for the “second” best.
6.Insurance coverage for everyone.
7. Improve service culture.
8. Vibrant living and working environments
9. Singapore spirit – one nation, one city, one people.

A good management style must be identified with certain degree of kiasu-attitude where you just want to make sure that the possibility of having problems and failure is low. You can afford to lose but not too much. The real management guru is the one who is able to figure out the best solutions out of “a chicken and egg” situation.


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