Ethernet switch for medical doctors ?

KSZ8842-16Mol - the technical name for an ethernet 2 port switch with fantastic embedded system (to be explained later)

According to the source, it is a proven, 4th generation, integrated layer 2 switch that is compliance with IEEE802.3u standard.

Good Features:

  • Fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3u standard
  • Repeater mode capabilities to allow for ‘cut-thru’ in latency-critical Industrial Ethernet or Embedded Ethernet applications
  • Four priority queues to handle voice, video, data and control packets
  • MAC fi ltering function to fi lter unicast packets
  • Dynamic buffer memory scheme – Essential for applications such as Video over IP where image jitter is unacceptable
  • 2-Port switch with fl exible 8/16 or 32 bit generic host processor interface
  • Micrel LinkMD cable diagnostic capabilities to determine cable length, diagnose faulty cables, and determine distance to fault
  • HP Auto MDI-X crossover with disable and enable option
  • Industrial Temperature support: (–40˚C to +85˚C) with the KSZ8842-16MVLI available from Q2 2006
Referring to the source, it features a chipset with 2 ports which is connected to a stethoscope. Which is actually just a marketing gimmick.

It is carrying the message for Micrel LinkMD technology which is an advanced diagnostic tool capable of quickly and efficiently diagnosing common cabling problems, provides users with low maintenance cost nature.

The is the fantastic integrated embedded system which was mentioned earlier.

Micrel is an industry leader in Ethernet, analog, and high bandwidth communications IC solutions.


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