what people are searching for in Jan 2007 at tech blog malaysia

Starting from this month, IT-Sideways will be providing a new type of monthly content which is about what the world is searching for and landed on this tech blog. It is very interesting, useful for market research companies and for marketing professionals to see what people are interested in and best still, what they think might be happening and hope to see positive result.

To argue this point, if you don't think that information about "Malaysia information technology spending" is important, why would you care to search for it ?

Thus, let IT-Sideways presents to you what people been searching for in Jan 2007.

Check out this link. Thanks to Google's docs for making this happen.

This shows the strenght of weblogs and what other media(s) can't provide to and SATISFY the ever sophisticated Internet users and may not be lies after lies most of the time. Thanks lucialai for the heads up.

Conventional media(s) will not have the energy to publish content about things like what happen to accessing itunes in Malaysia, or really what happen too and etc...

If anyone interested to get more comprehensive reports such as users' originality and even up to 500 keywords searched for, please contact IT-Sideways. Information may be provided for a fee.

IT-Sideways encourages other bloggers to do the same and to make some revenue from providing contents.

We will also take this opportunity to thank viewers for their comments, usually are junkies or spams. Anyway, thanks for visiting this blog.