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Monday, September 15, 2014

Citrix on the Personal Digital Advantage

Based on a press release by Citrix, according to Nielsen’s smartphone penetration report, Malaysia ranks second highest in Asia Pacific at 80 percent.
Well, we have heard this many times, each proclaiming Malaysians being the top users for smartphones, social medias, social networking and etc.

And I have always thought that a sensible reason to explain these realities is that the mobile device presents an opportunity for social-economical liberation in what a conservative-governed country.

As a result of this, Citrix promotes that the combination of BYOD and consumerization of IT trends brings about what is known as Personal Digital Advantage trend.

Mark Micallef, Area Vice President of Citrix ASEAN opines that enterprises should capitalize on this trend, there are 5 things to consider:

1.) Creating seamless multi-device experiences for users
2.) Attention and information management
3.) Promoting the speed learning culture
4.) Leveraging and learning from real-time digital assistance
5.) Time warping through automation - multi-tasking

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gamdias Headset.. you raise me up higher (review)

Gamdias HEBE headset
The Gamdias HEBE Surround Sound Gaming Headset is an enormous headset for my moderate size ears. No doubt using it caters for better comfort and the headset covers the full ears instead of putting pressure towards edges of the ears, hence, reducing the longevity of discomfort when using headset for an extended period.

It is also a good looking headset. - it feels very Optimus Primish or rather Iron-manish.

In terms of sound quality, comparing with other headset products which I have experienced with, the Gamdias HEBE headset offers me a better range of vocal capability - i.e it is not so loud yet clearer, when it gets loud, it is doesn't feel noisy.

Also, it presents more raw and original output, in the sense that the output audio doesn't feel deliberately amplified - I mean to say that instead of shouting, it is capable of presenting real high vocal pitches.

Friday, September 12, 2014

MDeC Organizes 3-Day Super Cybersales@Sep 29 to October 1, 2014.

The Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), via its Digital Malaysia initiative, will be organizing a three-day #MyCyberSALE with over 4,500 merchants from 250 e-Marketplaces including reputable local & international online retailers, from September 29 to October 1, 2014.

The world’s first Government-led online sale will feature more than 225,000 deals offering up to 90% discount. #MYCyberSALE will also reinforce Malaysia’s commitment to spur the development of the eCommerce industry and enhance the mobile shopping culture in the country as we move towards a digital economy in 2020.

With over 25.3 million Internet users representing 89% of the population, Malaysian businesses are poised to unlock the high value potential of the eCommerce industry. This coupled with the nation’s high mobile penetration rate of 140% and household broadband penetration rate of over 67% will help drive Malaysia’s eCommerce industry, which is expected to reach RM5.76 billion by 2015.

3 trends on Malaysian online shoppers:
  1. 42% Malaysians opt to shop on their mobile phones!
  2. 77% of Malaysians Google as they shop
  3. Shopping has gotten more social! - 66.5% of people polled said that they read online reviews or social media recommendations before they commit to a purchase.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Computer Security Updates Week 2 of Sep 2014

Refer to Computer Security Updates Week 5 of Aug 2014, the biggest news was the launch of Barracuda Virtual License Portability which allows software licenses to be shared across different virtual machines deployment - a major costs saving initiative for enterprises.
  • PR - Sep 12, 2014 - Kaspersky Lab Experts Warn of Security Risks Facing Wearable Connected Devices
  • PR - Sep 12, 2014 - NUS students win Internship with cyber security firm McAfee
  • PR - Sep 11, 2014 - Kaspersky: Online Merchants and Financial Service Providers are the two Biggest Sources of Stolen Banking Information
  • PR - Sep 10, 2014 - CyberArk Advances Threat Analytics to Identify New Types of Malicious Privileged Behaviour Across Systems and Users
  • PR - Sep 10, 2014 - McAfee becomes a co-founder of the First Cyber Threat Alliance
  • PR - Sep 5, 2014 - Kaspersky Lab identifies a cyber-espionage campaign targeting Latin America
  • PR - SG - Sep 4, 2014 - McAfee: 1 in 3 Singapore Teens Have Had Experienced With Cyberbullying
  • PR - SG - Sep 4, 2014 - McAfee: Warns of Phishing Attacks with 80% of Global Business Users Unable to Detect Scams

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ovum's Commnets: Apple’s iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Comments from Paul Jackson, Practice Lead, Media and Entertainment

The Good:

As expected the Apple Watch has a lovely design, and I like that they’ve thought of the screen obscuring issues that touch presents on such a small screen – hence the ‘crown’ controls. Features like sapphire screen, built-in heart-rate monitor and haptic feedback show an unusual level of technology leadership from Apple – who usually let others try and fail first. The charging solution is elegant and that crystal on the back is reminiscent of quality traditional pocket watches.

The interchangeable straps options and multiple cases and sizes also shows they have thought more about the fashion and jewellery elements compared to their competitors. This watch, along with the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R finally offer something non-techies might consider wearing. Digital Touch is reminiscent of Nintendo Pictochat with added heartbeat monitor – and is just as likely to be used once and then never again. The health and fitness apps look nice, but don’t improve significantly on other existing (and cheaper) solutions for those with more than a passing interest – it will thrive though if the various major players (Nike, Fitbit, Garmin) get behind the apps ecosystem

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Blue Coat Reveals Security Risks From “One-Day Wonders” Websites

Press release - Kuala Lumpur - Sep 3, 2014

Blue Coat launches its latest security report which revealed that over 70 percent (470 million) Websites exist for only less than 24 hours and 22 percent of these ‘one-day’ Websites are used to facilitate cyber-attacks.
Ivan Wen

The report titled "One-Day Wonders: How Malware Hides Among the Internet's Short-Lived Websites" highlighted the following core findings:-
  1. Pornography website remains the most high-volume creators of One-Day Wonders and often these One-Day Wonders are malicious and used by cybercriminals taking advantage of the site.
  2. The largest generators of One-Day wonders also comes from organizations that have an extensive internet presence such as Google, Amazon and Yahoo that also practices legitimate internet activities.
  3. Of the top 50 parent domains that most frequently used One-Day Wonders, 22 percent were malicious. These domains use short-lived sites to facilitate attacks and manage botnets

Blue Coat recommends the followings for mitigation strategies:
  • Security controls must be informed by automated, real-time intelligence that can identify and assign risk levels to these One-Day Wonders. Static or slow-moving defenses do not suffice to protect users and corporate data.
  • Policy-based security controls must be able to act on real-time intelligence to block malicious attacks.
Details, infographics.

ICT Happenings Week 2 of Sep 2014

News for Week 5 of Aug 2014.
  • PR - Sep 12, 2014 - KAONMEDIA Selects Axiros for Device and QoS/QoE Management
  • PR - Sep 11, 2014 - Easy-to-use vision sensor kit from RS Components enables high-speed part inspection
  • PR - Sep 11, 2014 - Mobile Video Calling Now Available With Viber
  • PR - Sep 11, 2014 - MSTB’s Lab Gets Internationally-Recognised Accreditation
  • PR - Sep 9, 2014 - TIBCO Announces its New Marketing Application Built to Optimize Consumer Engagement
  • Ovum - Sep 8, 2014 - iPhone 6 creating excitement around NFC capabilities
  • PR - Sep 8, 2014 - Thoughtbuzz Leads the charge with new cross-platform social media analytics and management platform
  • PR - Sep 5, 2014 - DKSH and Roland Berger release the fourth Global Market Expansion Services report on digitization
  • PR - Sep 2, 2014 - Ministry of Education named VMware Innovation Awards Winner 2014
  • PR - Sep 4, 2014 - MDeC and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Global Startup Labs Malaysia 2014 closes on a high
  • PR - SG - Sep 4, 2014 - Tata Comm. Challenge to create a MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team Global Scrapbook
  • PR - Germany - Sep 3, 2014 - China's Yeastar Selects Axiros for its Service Provider Infrastructure Device Management and Provisioning
  • PR - Sep 3, 2014 - Seedstars World is coming to Kuala Lumpur to find the best startup
  • PR - Sep 3, 2014 - Compact video inspection camera from RS Components enables faulty equipment diagnosis and accurate inspection in hard to reach locations
  • PR - Sep 2, 2014 - AMD Launches AMD Radeon R9 285 Graphics
  • PR - Sep 1, 2014 - Aspect Software’s Cloud-Optimized Unified IP 7.3 Offers New Compliance Features, Greater TCO

Monday, September 01, 2014

ICT Happenings Week 5 of Aug 2014

News for Week 4 of Aug 2014.
  • PR - Aug 29, 2014 - Singaren Selects SDN-Ready Brocade Routing Core
  • PR - Aug 28, 2014 - Malaysians Can Now Replace Their Laptops With Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3!
  • PR - Aug 28, 2014 - New technology to ‘future-proof’ Iskandar Malaysia
  • PR - Aug 27, 2014 - MOE Malaysia wins global award for bridging urban-rural digital divide with IT
  • PR - Aug 27, 2014 - Elitecore Announces Pre-Integrated LTE Revenue and Customer Management Platform at USD @500K
  • PR - Aug 27, 2014 - National Instruments Deployed Oracle HCM Cloud for HR Transformation
  • PR - Aug 27, 2014 - Aspect Expands Sanjay Gupta’s Portfolio to Include Key ASEAN Growth Markets
  • PR - SG - Aug 27, 2014 - VMware, NVIDIA and Google Unveil Future of Graphics-Rich Applications Delivered on Enterprise Cloud Desktops
  • PR - Aug 25, 2014 - AMD Launches Industry's First AMD Power Pack

Friday, August 29, 2014

Microsoft: Hybrid Devices Will Rule

Microsoft recently published an infographic detailing why hybrid device (tablet + laptop) such as the Surface Pro 3 will gain in terms of popularity.

The argument presented was due to the rise of converged lifestyle (work and leisure) adopted by Malaysian and the less preferences for Siloed devices (using multiple devices for different dedicated purposes).

Yes. I personally feel that after years of tablet prominence, where consumers simply would buy additional devices just for the fun of it or for leisure alone, people may opt to just go back to having one mobile device that addresses all needs.

In terms of opportunity, it remains pretty much the same - mobile computing lifestyle will continue to grow and become more malignant towards modern people to compensate busy lifestyles.

Therefore, cloud computing, mobile apps and automation demands will maintain and grow.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Universal Robots presents the next generation of lightweight robots

Press release: Malaysia, August 25, 2014

Universal Robots, the Danish manufacturer of flexible industrial robot arms, has announced its third generation of the lightweight robots UR5 and UR10. Special features of the revised robot arms are the true absolute encoders, the eight new adjustable safety rated functions, twice the number of built-in I/O’s and the improved possibilities for connecting equipment to the control boxes.
  1. Integration of True Absolute Encoder to enable faster and easier set up for all applications
  2. Enhanced safety of the robots with eight new safety rated functions certified by TÜV

Introduction to Universal Robots.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Computer Security Updates Week 5 of Aug 2014

Refer to Computer Security Updates Week 2 of Aug 2014, the biggest news was about Russian cyber gang stole 1.2bn usernames and passwords.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Aug 29. 2014 - Jay Chou Launches Kaspersky New Security Products
  • PR - Aug 28, 2014 - Kaspersky: NetTraveler Gets a Makeover for 10th Anniversary
  • PR - Aug 28, 2014 - Sophos and Check Point Partner to Protect Corporate Networks from Non-Compliant Mobile Devices
  • PR - Aug 26, 2014 - Kaspersky: Security Concerns Holding Back Usage of Online Payment Services
  • PR - Aug 22, 2014 - Kaspersky announces the release of its newly updated product line for home users
  • PR - Aug 19, 2014 - McAfee Shares Findings From 2014 Technology Adoption Study
  • PR - Aug 18, 2014 -Secure Critical Encryption Keys with Oracle Key Vault
  • PR - Aug 18, 2014 - Barracuda Launches Virtual License Portability