ICT Happening Updates Week 5 of Oct 2013

MyIX Invests RM3.7 million for Infrastructure Upgrade

Home Ministry says background checks should have been done

Google Wants to Ensure that Everybody Has Got Online Presence

Malaysian 2014 Budget ICT Comments

Computer Security Updates Week 4 of Oct 2013

Gear Up for TanksAsia Season 2

ICT Happening Updates Week 4 of Oct 2013

Outsourcing Industry to Double in Growth by 2017

Jack Ma Believes in Open and New Age Economy

ASUS HOTLINE Service Centre number: 03-7724 3495

Kaspersky Lab Expert Analyses APT Icefog

Email Interview with McAfee's Scott Thomas (Sr. Director, Network Threat Response)

SQL Friendly Database Insert and Update Process

ICT Happening Updates Week 3 of Oct 2013

Symantec’s Top Tips and Best Practices for Consumers on Information Protection:

Computer Security Updates Week 3 of Oct 2013

Developers Updates Week 3 of Oct 2013

Monitor data plan usage and check balance - Maxis

T-SQL - 'Group By' Vs 'Distinct'

BURSA MALAYSIA adopted Oracle RightNow CRM Cloud Service

Translate Your World Announces Voice Translation Software for Business

The Bolt-on Challenge: Closing Security Gaps Through an Integrated Security Architecture

ICT Happening Updates Week 1 of Oct 2013