ICT Summary for 2008 From Tech Blog Malaysia

Check out the most interesting news from IT-Sideways for year 2008.

March 2008

  • RPK fined with RM 2 million.

    April 2008
    May 2008:

    WCIT 2008

    June 2008:
    July 2008:
    August 2008:

    September 2008:

  • Juniper Network's industry’s first Dynamic Services Architecture

  • October 2008:
    November 2008:

  • The 100 GbE Services


    • The 3rd quarter is the most happening of all.
    • Nothing much happening from Malaysia's companies, not much interesting products and news.
    • There are still other significant events like Microsoft TechNet and etc which IT-Sideways didn't blog about.
    • The most blogged about event is WCIT 2008.
    • The most blogged about company is Adobe
    • The topic generated the most interest is Qucomhaps

  • Happy New Year to all readers and contributors

    Special thanks to the following people:
    • David Gibson and Anne Ewe from Inter-Asia
    • Jana from Emerald Communication
    • Visitra from EC-Council
    • Sirius PR
    Thanks for all your leads and supports. This is indeed a great year for IT-Sideways.