Malaysia GE 13, Internet, Traffic Jam and Google

The GE 13 had just been concluded two days ago with the ruling party won by a simple majority.

It was reported by Yahoo that opposition leaders accepted the election outcome but raised concerns towards certain issues, disputes and allegedly frauds.

Popular news portal Malaysiakini enlightened the Internet community with what's capable of Malaysian when an act was put together for a mutual cause; democratic election.

By and large, Malaysian Internet community is capable of churning up a 4.3 million unique users hits on Malaysiakini within a single night, out of which 3 million accessed through PC while 1.3 million accessed it through mobile devices.

M'siakini shared Internet traffic surge experience

At the height of the vibe, it hit 500,000 users per minute, according to Google Analytics as reported by Malaysiakini.

IT-Sideways' web traffic took a dip for the past few days, what a shame. For a moment, who cares about computer security and IT happenings ?

IT-Sideways' web traffic during 5-May-2013

On the night of 8 May 2013, opposition parties held another rally (live coverage by MalaysiaKini) at Kelana Jaya Stadium which was reported to have attracted approximately 120,000 audience. This had also resulted in the traffic jam towards major routes in Petaling Jaya, particularly those interlinked with LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong).

From Google Maps, the traffic slow-moving looked to have started from Puchong all the way to the interchange at Sprint Highway (near Tropicana City).

Traffic jam as indicated by Google Maps

And if you are doubtful about Google Maps' accuracy, here goes one snapshot at LDP Sunway toll - the mother of all traffic jams in Klang Valley - if you don't believe me, try to go there on every Monday morning during non school holiday.

LDP Sunway toll on 8-May-2013- Google Maps' traffic data is accurate as hell

As the matter of fact, Internet providers and players (i.e Google) have contributed tremendously to the cause. For this reason, I salute them.

All parties demanded a clean and fair election.

The Malaysia GE 13 has gone down to my history book as the biggest event for Malaysia in my lifetime so far.

I love Malaysia!