To uphold net-neutrality and fight for free speech

I see a web site that I like, I blog it and I hyperlink it - that was the net neutrality that I knew for many years since the inception of Internet in my country, I believe that to be around year 1995 - 1996.

Hence, for many years, we have been doing hyperlinks and link-exchanges, tell me now unnatural that could be ???

Following Google's directive link schemes guidelines, IT-Sideways will have to make certain changes moving forward.

1.) All uninvited linkage to external URLs will not be hyperlink tagged.

This is important to protect myself.

It will simply be a text. For instance, the; Google's Link Schemes directive,no-follow,

It is quite old fashion and messy...

2.) Dropping the branding of Tech Blog Malaysia.

IT-Sideways has ranked no.1 for this search key word for many years on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Now I feel it is an appropriate time to move forward.

This blog aspires to become more globalized, vibrant, adopt more varieties and support more functions.

3.) All comments will be moderated.

I have no issue with receiving comments.

The Internet as a free medium should be open-minded. Nonetheless, we do not want to be accused of hosting spams.

This is expected to bring a dip to the web traffics - no choice.

4.) Opinion based writings.

References to external information will be specifically mentioned as from who and personal opinion based undertone such as 'I read from Reuters that ...' - to keep things natural.

In my humblest opinion, I think it is absolutely ridiculous to say that a personal opinion or thought is unnatural as if we are living under the state of martial law - cyber-bullying.

5.) Promote net neutrality and free speech.

Please join me to uphold the integrity of net neutrality and to protect the survival of freedom of the Internet, away from certain groups of people who wants to control what we see from the Internet.

I actually see more importance in independent journalism which future may rely on citizen journalism.

The media industry requires a new business model away from advertisement and vendors-sponsored. 

More to come - IT-Sideways will never stop.

Finally, I appreciate your readership and support, thank you.