IBM Launched Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform to Business Communities

IBM announced the IBM X-Force Exchange, a cloud based cyber threat intelligence sharing platform.

This collaborative platform provides access to volumes of actionable IBM and third-party threat data from across the globe, including real-time indicators of live attacks, which can be used to defend against cybercrimes.

The concept is premised on the idea that in-house cyber threat intelligence is never enough to fight the growing threats of cyber attacks which are largely driven by organized crime rings who network amongst themselves.

The point is, if the bad guys are helping each others, it wouldn't be smart if the good guys did not do the same by helping each other.

The X-Force Exchange builds on IBM’s tremendous scale in security intelligence, integrating its powerful portfolio of deep threat research data and technologies like QRadar, thousands of global clients, and acumen of a worldwide network of security analysts and experts from IBM Managed Security Services. Leveraging the open and powerful infrastructure of the cloud, users can collaborate and tap into multiple data sources, including:
  • One of the largest and most complete catalogs of vulnerabilities in the world;
  • Threat information based on monitoring of more than 15 billion monitored security events per day;
  • Malware threat intelligence from a network of 270 million endpoints;
  • Threat information based on over 25 billion web pages and images;
  • Deep intelligence on more than 8 million spam and phishing attacks;
  • Reputation data on nearly 1 million malicious IP addresses.

Today, the X-Force Exchange features over 700 terabytes of raw aggregated data supplied by IBM. This will continue to grow, be updated and shared as the platform can add up to a thousand malicious indicators every hour. This data includes real-time information which is critical to the battle against cybercrime.

Built by IBM Security, the IBM X-Force Exchange is a new, cloud-based platform that allows organizations to easily collaborate on security incidents, as well as benefit from the ongoing contributions of IBM experts and community members. Since the beta launch of the X-Force Exchange, numerous early adopters have joined the community.

As the matter of fact, you can see the live data now.


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