Unable to Rollback from Windows 10 ? Go for a Clean Install

After upgraded from Window 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro during the free upgrade period, it resulted my PC (Thinkpad T440p) to be working partially efficient and sluggish, whereby issues such as shut down becomes restart was encountered.

Besides those, I also found that overall, using web browser become slower compared to in Windows 7 Pro.

Other observations include searching for 'Device Manager' would end up 'No result found'.

I did consider performing a clean install of Windows 10 on the PC altogether. Nonetheless, I wasn't sure where and how to get a license key for Windows 10, notwithstanding the Windows 7 Pro license key which came with the laptop purchase.

Today, I decided to downgrade back to Windows 7.

I was surprised to find that the downgrade option is no longer available as described in the following URL.


The only option available is to 'Reset this PC'.

So, I backed up all essential files and hit on the button : Get Started.

My thought was that at the end of the process, I will get back the original Windows 7 Pro.

Nonetheless, to my amusement, a fresh Windows 10 was installed and it is working more efficient than previously did.

Therefore, what do we learn from this experience ?

1.) If you had upgraded to Windows 10 during the free upgrade period and found your PC to be operating in a sluggish manner, consider the option to 'Reset this PC'.

It will perform a clean install of Windows 10 on your behalf.

As the matter of fact, there is an option to preserve files.

Fyi: I chose the option to clean swipe all files in the Windows installed drive (the C drive).

2.) New Windows 10 license is NOT needed.

You don't need to scout for a new Windows 10 license key; the free upgrade comes with a Windows 10 license key, resetting your PC through this method doesn't need another license key.