Hybrid Cloud Strategy Expedites Digital Transformation

Date : 09-Jun-2020
Location: Malaysia


Red Hat, maker of open source technologies for the enterprise.

Key Takeaways:

Hybrid Cloud puts control and choice in your hands - offers maximum agility and resiliency - a good strategy of digital transformation.

Do not own a cloud, rent it


Paul Cormier, President and CEO, Red Hat,said,Hybrid Cloud is a blend of existing technologies and the future.

  • Breaking down silos
  • Provisioning of high-availability
  • Keeping up with on-demand services
  • Provisioning of distributed workforce, social distancing

Best Practices:

Leverage on Multicloud,Hybrid Cloud,Cloud Native to accelerate digital transformation.
  • Multicloud refers to the presence of more than one cloud deployment of the same type (public or private), sourced from different vendors.
  • Hybrid Cloud refers to the presence of multiple deployment types (public,private,multicloud) with some form of integration or orchestration between them.
  • Cloud Native refers to software deployed in containers in Kubernetes as microservices, to achieve scalability,load-balance and high-availability.
Editor's Comments:

The essence of Hybrid Cloud is digital transformation by means of blending old and new ideas in anticipation of on-demand and future challenges - in a more technical term, it means running new processes in parallel with old processes - to minimise operation disruption and optimise user experience.