Flat Monthly Fee VOIP for Malaysia


have you guys seen this ?

by paying RM 227.81 you can make unlimited VOIP callsto selected countries. The best part is you can makeunlimited STD calls from within Malaysia (fixed +cellular).Countries included are Singapore, China,Aus, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and etc.

Countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, India are not included.

This means that they are targeting the non-VOIP user,where they are trying to switch people using PSTN or GSM into the VOIP trunk. One good example is that inMalaysia, people would still prefer to use normal lineto call their cellular contacts rather thanalternative such as VOIP. If I am calling mygirlfriend in Taiwan, I would prefer to use Skype orMSN because over there is so high tech, same thing goes to my Singapore girlfriend. My mother still woudn't buy it because our phone bill (Even though we do call to Singapore) is less than Rm100 monthly. (We are using Time Telekom becoz during those time, everybody say Time is cheap, very cheap) In actual fact, Time sum all all charges and knock off 50% as discount.

In other words, this business model is pretty fair inview of many aspects. It is also feasible by having wholesales commitment at those countries with unlimited calls plan.

if it works, call shop would have things like "Pay RM1 for unlimited STD calls per call!" Companies whichhave already committed to Redtone might not switchover fearing quality issue, the biggest issue is thatreseller might not have confident with this company,fearing that technical problems would spoil theirbusiness network. (A reseller must stick to oneprincipal in order to make some good money; for itsbusiness relationship and logistic-planning matters)Thus, aggressive marketing is still required to makeit big time. Therefore in this manner, branding is still the core contributor to success.

People seems to forget about middle east countries... only those oil and gas people pay attention to them!


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