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i was in a discussion with a vendor abt some exchange software... so basically what does exchange software does ? We would pretty much take things for granted..

basically.. exchange server such as Microsoft Exchange server, is a messaging and collaboration server.

messaging - email , SMS and etc
collaboration - share information quickly and efficiently. For instance, shared schedules, address, share email, auto-responses and automatic filing of incoming messages.

Meaning, for company willing to have their own managed messaging system, they should opt for this kind of services.

These days, usually companies would tie up with web hosting company to get the email services, which might have certain features compatible to what a full-fledge exchange server could provide, except that some are restricted due to security enforcement.

Many considered exchange server as something not too important, mainly because they are not going to utilize the features to the fullest. To me, the key strenght of exchange software is its scheduling capability.

Imagine if you are a CEO and how would you like to make schedules & deadlines as the top most priority to your team. The sales people might claimed that they are misinformed with certain informations, technical team claims that they haven't been updated with latest information. Down to the meeting room, nobody wanted to take risks and responsibilities, the CEO have to absorb all negative energy.

If all schedules are made public (at least one could have published schedules and non-published schedule), if everyone knows what is happening to other people and they have in mind what is supposed to be achievable in a published way, the company can move ahead even when barriers are confronted. Synergy would be possible in the sense. A collaborating team would produce a winning company or brand; a non-collaborating team would produce star employee.

Many big organization, such as factories and MNC and even NGO suchs as WWF are pretty much schedule-intensive. Projects deadlines, meetings and etc are really very important and changes would usually affect many activities.


Brandon Teoh said…
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Brandon Teoh said…

--> Security vulnerability includes those of Microsoft Exchange server.,1759,1773958,00.asp?kc=EWYH104039TX1B0000665

-->Microsoft Corp.'s newest operating systems can be penetrated by an old-school-type denial-of-service attack, according to a warning from a security researcher.
Anonymous said…

I saw your post
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I have about 7 VPS servers most with different companies.
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my customers before, first time, they shut down everything.
They did not even let me suspend
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I tried to negotiate with them and they even refused to let me
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Lucky I had been pretty good about backups on my end.
Bottom line. If you are starting to resell hosting watch out
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