Tech Blog Malaysia Statistics (Jan 2011)

As usual, check out the analysis for 2010.

For month of Jan 2011, we have the followings.
  • A common .NET programming issue
  • The brand of this blog
  • An adobe's backend program
  • Malaysia's most used broadband service
  • Google, Google, Google

  • Total monthly traffic increased by as much as 6.63%.
  • Traffic from referring sites increased by 3.84%.
  • Google still top contributor (47.19%).Down from last month.
  • Top 5 countries (Malaysia, US, India, Singapore, UK,).
  • New visitors 86.19% (up from last month).
Top Contents

Google is really fantastic, is really respectful, invincible.

It was a few days after Google announced the setting up of an office here in Malaysia.

And everybody is thinking about the same thing, working for Google.

Simply unbeatable.